Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs

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Pro- great for small toddlers to keep them occupied. Con- if the child does not have enough saliva it gets dry quickly and sticks to their throat. They choke easily. Monitor your kid!

I used these as a teaching tool. They are great for teaching fine motor skills as well as keeping the little one busy, but other than that I did not have much use for them.

My son ate them every once in a while, definitely not his go to snack though.

My daughter loved eating these snacks as an infant. Of course i try anything before I give to my little ones, and I would have to say they are lacking in flavor department. But my daughter loved them! I would recommend these to other parents because they are light, healthy snack that babies are sure to like, and they are crunchy but melts in your baby's mouth which is good for baby's who needs a little more time and practice learning how to chew!

Great flavor choices, awesome for babies just learning to feed themselves. A little on the pricey side.

Good item but I would wait until the baby has teeth. My 9 month old got choked on the treats so much that I trashed them. We now use Happy baby treats until he gets some teeth.

My little one loves these. He makes a mess with them and enjoys every minute of it.

Good snack, not too sweet. real light and airy. My son had 3 diffrent ones and ate them all up, the 1st time I ever gave them to him.

Quick, Easy, Healthy snack. I loved the fact that it was always ready to go with us.

My grand daughter ate these for a while and once we introduced other options she won't touch them.

My one year old thinks these are alright. I love that I have not had to worry about him choking on these though. My 5 year old however loves them.

My grandson loved these but has moved on to more flavorful things.

Daughter loves them. They are a little weird feeling when they are wet in your mouth.

They are a quick easy snack we we give to my grandson while we are preparing his meals. He likes them and they are big enough for him to pick up (1 year)

Well, my son did enjoy them. They are defintely made for little fingers and as they are one of the less messy toddler treats on the market as far as crumbs go but they are a little bit out of my price range for a everyday snack. Even know my little one would like it if they were ,he really does like them and he is picky.I also found that some varieties are pretty sticky.Overall I would say that they didn't impress me because there are plenty of similar snacks/treats for my toddler that he enjoyed as much ( again he is picky too) for a lot less .