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  • Sweettie66 By  Sweettie66    

    It took me a few kinds of vitamins to figure out which kind my son liked best! Flinstones are the only vitamins he will take and actually asks everyday to have one!!

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  • verucaa2772 By  verucaa2772    

    I am breastfeeding and take the gummys everyday! I dont like the chewables very much.

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  • Kakeys By  Kakeys    

    Only vitamin my 4 year old will take. Doesn't like the "stickyness" of gummi vitamins.

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  • MiracleWitch By  MiracleWitch    

    The same as they ever were, Chalky & Semi Fruity... If you can get over the chalkyness they are ok

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  • valdaurri By  valdaurri    

    my daughter favourite multivitamin. she likes them.

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  • cjcmommy By  cjcmommy    

    My son loves the gummy's and if I don't watch him closely, he will eat them like candy.

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  • marshalow By  marshalow    

    awesome! vitamins I can actually get my children to take!

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  • calichristy2 By  calichristy2    

    The taste you have grown up with is still available today for our kids. With all the tabloid drama this is one product that hasnt had to deal with all the bad messages and recalls. You took it as a child and is still available today.

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