OPI Nicole Nail Polish

OPI Nicole Nail Polish

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These are just o.k. I find they chip a little sooner than I would want, so yeah. I like the colour range but wish they would find a way to make them last longer.

I liked that this nail polish lasted a long time without chipping and that it dries fairly quickly. I dislike the price though.

I love the variety of colors but the formula is NOT long lasting.😐

I bought this product on a whim because I loved the light blue sky color. This nail polish was much more runnier than I expected. It took several coatings to cover the nail completely. I love the hint of sparkle in the color. It lasted pretty good on my toes, so that was great, especially considering I bang my toes on everything lol but opi is always reliable for me Last and only complaint; nail color took a lot longer to dry. I love opi but overall this line is not the best.

Every time I use Nicole by OPI,I am just a little disappointed. Not that it is horrible nail polish, its just not the quality I expect. I'm not sure exactly how OPI and Nicole are affiliated, but they are no where near the same quality.With OPI I only need about 1 to 2 coats of polish, with Nicole I need about 6 to get the same effect.


I like OPI nail polish but if I do not put some type of clear coat on top of it, it will chip just like every other nail polish. I love that they have a ton of really great colors to choose from.

These are great colors, but I find the cheaper polish at Wal-mart works just as good.

This is a good quality product, and I enjoy the fun names. I just can't get over the price, however. I don't want to pay $7-$9 for a nail polish when I can get one for much cheaper. The formula may be nicer with OPI, but it doesn't last on my nails any longer than the 99 cent essence brand.

It seems to me that OPI is a brand that is inconsistent. I have some colors that go on well and stay on well. Then there are others that don't perform even half as good as dollar store nail color. For the price I pay I expect it to be more consistent and better quality. I purchased one recently that has only been open a little over a month and is already getting thick. It wasn't clearance, etc where I could excuse it. It's a shame I don't feel it's worth the price anymore because they have some amazing shades to choose from.

This line has excellent color choices. It's not my favorite, it's an okay product. I enjoy thicker polish that goes on smooth with one coat. I have to use 2-3 coats of this to get desired result. It chips very easily and peels off.

Great color for the holidays.

The color choices are good but the nail polish itself is thin and too runny to coat the nail with less than 4 coats.

This is my favorite polish brand it doesn't smear or dry up quick like most other affordable polishes

I love all the colors but it does chip very easy but cool for on the go when you don't have time for a nail shop