OPI Nicole Nail Polish

OPI Nicole Nail Polish

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One of the best O P I is one my favorite nail polish. They have alot of different colors to choose from. I try to get it when its on sale. Its on the high end side of polish but its worth it if u have the money to spend.

Expensive I love all of opi nail Polish a little costly but I think it is worth it last long and don't chip lobe all the colors

20 Bottles of the OPI Line and Nicole by OPI over the years and counting........ What I find is some colors last longer than others. However, just like any other polish, it will chip eventually. Their vast color line will give you a variety of choices and unique combinations for your personality and coordination. Over the years, I have owned at least 20 bottles and am overall pleased and look forward to a new set of options.

Nail polish that are bursting with vibrant luscious color... I have forever used OPI and Nicole brand nail polish in nail salons all so at home. I trust this brand to give me the most amazing colors that go on and stay on. They are one coater with no need to reply. The colors are vibrant that never dull or fade no matter how many times I wash my hands at work nursing.

Worth Every Penny This nail polish holds up better than any others I have tried, especially when paired with their base and top coat. Worth the investment for a few staple colors.

OPI LOVE YOU! OPI's red nail polish is a favorite of mine! I have never found a nail polish that didn't chip at some point and OPI is one that blew me away with their colors and the resistance to chipping/breaking!

I love the depth of this brands colors and how long this polish stays on my nails. Makes for a lovely mani/pedi. Always love when the new colors come out!

I love how smooth this nail polish color goes on. The color is bright and shiny. It keeps its shine for more than a week. It is easy to use and doesn't chip as easily as other polishes.

I love the large variety of colors. The color is intense and it lasts a long time before it chips and needs redone. I would recommend this to anyone who likes long lasting nail color. I know they work great for water marbling as well.

I like the Nicole nail polish because it's one of the few brands I've had this stays easy to apply and doesn't thicken over time. The colors also very vibrant and dry the color you expect them to be. That being said, the only nail polish I can keep I chipped for more than a hour is gel so I don't use it much. I would suggest it to people who are good at keep nail polish on/don't chip it because I think it is a very good brand of regular (non-gel) polish. I wouldn't suggest it for people who are both mommies and gym junkies because that combo does not bode well for people who want to keep nicely polished nails.

I adore OPI nail polish. The colors stay true. And the variety of colors is mind blowing.

I happen to love the OPI brand itself and I love the colors that the Nicole line carries. They are on the more expensive side of the polishes but I do love how smooth they go on and how long they last compared to other products.

You seriously can't go wrong with OPI polish!! It's amazing, last days, and there is a beautiful option of colors. Five stars all the way!

My favorite brand. Definitely a one-coater. Goes on smoothly with a really balanced lid/handle and nice brush.

Love the vibrant colors. Just wish the nail polish would not have such a strong odor.