Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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I was surprised I liked it, A lil sweet but nice. The packing is cool too, and not to much money. I'll get it!

I love this album!! It's Taylor's perfect mix of country and pop and a beautiful sound

Love it! My daughters bought me this CD last weekend!

Still a Tay-TAY fan Ive always been a taylor swift fan, and this album only added to her greatness. She does her thing while she sings beautifully about her life, friendships, and past loves. I love this album and probably my fave out of all her albums.

song is not original enough needs better lyrics, songs needs to be more upbeat

I love her and I love a lot of her songs on this album.

I love this album start to finish. I have no issue admitting that either. I'm a 29 year old alt girl who doesn't care much about sticking to one genre musically. Much like Taylor in fact. She may have started out as country but it was always fused with pop so when she went strictly pop I don't know why people were so put off by it. Also, to complain about her writing songs about boys is pretty moronic if you ask me. Almost all songs are about a boy or girl or love in some way, shape or form. I refuse to hold that against her because I'd then be a hypocrite. I enjoy all types of music and pride myself on knowing a lot about it. Taylor may not have an Adele voice but who says she has to in order to make legible music? She still has a great voice (she doesn't use autotune btw) and she's a talented writer. I respect that tremendously. Yes, there are better artists but why put them all against one another when it's supposed to be a review on this specific album, not Taylor herself. The album is solid musically and that's what matters. Kudos to her for that!

As an avid Taylor Swift fan this is clearly a favorite. Some of her newer CDs are a little more pop while this one is still primarily country. A little throwback now but still an amazing CD.

love love love taylor swift. shes awesome. i listen to her everydsay of my life

Taylor Swift is the best!!! Every song works. There are non that you wish had been left off.

I love Taylor Swift. If you're looking for her old sound in music, you'll find that here. Her new sound sounds great too. But this album is more country pop!

this has always been my favorite album of her! i dont necessary love her as a person , but she has great music!

I just love this new album! She is great and this is great music.

Love Love Love! My daughter also has the song book for this album. Great role model.

Taylors growing and her albums are too. Each one just keeps getting better.