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  • mellywagon By  mellywagon    

    Works like a dream

    Works like a dream. I have combo skin. Extremely oily w/ no dry patches in the summer, but dry as hell in the winter. This is my go to, although this is a bit pricey. I have just been informed that Neutrogena has released a similar gel product which I will try and get back to you guys on this winter. I still have some of this in case that doesn't pan out. I will always love this. If it is on sale for sure I'd get it over anything else. Love the hydration without the thickness. It goes on smooth and cooling and it's like you didn't put anything on.

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  • Kshah1 By  Kshah1    

    Great for dry skin

    This product is great for dry skin. It really hydrates the skin and it looks great under foundation!

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  • Honestlymydear By  Honestlymydear    


    I love that it's not greasy and feels like the oxygen is getting through. It's also kinda refreshing.

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    This is my favorite Clinique product! No excess oil, hydrating without the greasy feeling! Leaves my skin feeling baby soft!

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  • alicebth By  alicebth    

    Favorite Moisturizer!

    I do not have easy skin, and it is super dry, but this is the solution! It is by far my favorite moisturizer, the feel on the skin, it hydrates and cools, and clears it up, rather than leaving you break out. I personally prefer it to any primer ever too, it just makes your skin that smooth and easy to work with and I don't get oily all day. When I put it on in the evening, I will wake up with super soft skin the next morning, the effect just stays.

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  • Cgottus By  Cgottus    

    Great for combination skin!

    Life Saver for my skin. I have oily skin, but tend to form dry patches on my chin and below my nose during the winter months. This product is the perfect balance! It takes care of the dryness/redness/peeling but does not make the other areas greasy or breakout!

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  • BlueLagoonIceland By  BlueLagoonIceland    

    Clinique is top of the line!

    I love Clinique products. This one is a definite keeper. It really does provide radiant glamour and sheen to your complexion.

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  • khaliQueen By  khaliQueen    

    I love clinique products. they have a wide range between dry skin, oily skin or normal skin. this product is Simply the BEST! The cream does not feel greasy or dry,

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  • jxing75 By  jxing75    

    The only moisturizer that you need! Great for sensitive skin to combination skin. Awesome to use after using a clarasonic

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  • rference1 By  rference1    

    I received this cream in a bonus bag when I spent so much at Clinique. I loved the texture and how it really made my skin feel smoother.

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  • roro2000 By  roro2000    

    It is the NEXT technology for me . This clinique is amazingly soft on my skin , it moisturize it and keep it fresh and healthy in hard winter weather

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  • simplefrenchbeauty By  simplefrenchbeauty    

    I love Clinique because all of the products are hypoallergenic and well-tested. This is no exception. Such a simple, moisture restoring cream. No brainer for all skin types.

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  • AHarvey08 By  AHarvey08    

    If you're looking for extreme moisture, this product is for you! My face tends to get so dry, especially in the winter, this stuff is gold!!

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  • bichonpawz By  bichonpawz    

    Simply the BEST! I love Clinique and have used them for years!

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  • Debexpress By  Debexpress    

    Love it!! I love clinique products. If you have dry skin this is for you!! It hydrate and moisturize the skin in a good way not sticky or greasy. Helping keeping smooth and soft. Your face feels awesome and also is good for sensitive skin.

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