Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

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Taste pretty good. Not too sweet which is what Iike. It's refreshing!

Not much flavor, but still an okay alternative to pop

Im a heavy soda drinker and want to start drinkin more healthy and hydrating beverages. I recentally tried the vitamin water and i love it. its the best flavored water ive had so far and it keeps me very well hydrated

Awful. If you care about your health just drink water or smart water.

Im a bigger fan of regular vitamin water. I dont know if its the placebo effect, but i found that i get more energy from the energy one and i like the flavor of the regular version of it. Im not that desperate to lose weight, so ill stick to the full flavor and full calorie version instead.

love them , diet stuff that taste o.k. is hard to find!

I think it's just great that they use 'natural' sweeteners for once. if it's true...

I love this drink. It has a great flavor, only 25 calories in the whole bottle and you are also getting vitamins.

Theyre good but did u know that vitamin water only has 10 percent vitamins most of the energy is coming from sugar and artificial flavors

I agree, these are not very good!! I love Fuze drinks, they taste much better!

As someone who avoids carbs and sugary drinks i think this product is very good for what it is. It has much more flavor that "flavored waters" and is healthier for you than diet sodas. It's a good alternative to regular vitamin water if you're trying to go low-carb low-sugar!

i liked the flavor and at the 10cal / serving think its much better than the original offering.

I tried the vtiamin water 10 lemonade flavor. I like the orginal product which btw only has 50 calories per serving. The original lemonade flavor is very lightly sweetened and has a hint of lemon flavor, just enough to not be "plain water" . I was expecting something similar in flavor what I got instead was an overwhelming flavor of artificial sweetener, no hint of lemon at all. Definitly not worth trying... and regardless of what the commercial says NOT better than plain water.