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  • LeslieC By  LeslieC    

    Smooth shave without nicks - love this razor!

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  • ElephantGirl23 By  ElephantGirl23    

    I love the Venus embrace razor! You get a close and smooth shave that other razor blades cannot compare to. This is the only one I'll use!

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  • Shazza210 By  Shazza210    

    I really like this razor. It made my armpits and legs very smooth. I didn't even get nicked or get razor burn.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    Love these! They make my skin feel smooth and always do a great job of staying sharp even after a few shaves. I rarely even need to use shaving cream to get a close shave and my legs come out nice and soft afterwards.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    This is my all time favorite razor. The shave is perfect and easy. Works beautiful with Skintimate. My skin never gets any razor bumps or burns, even under my arms it works wonderful. A bit pricey but if you look at all the razors and prices this one is worth the money.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    I love these razors. Venus razors are all great. The more blades, the better of a shave. They are a little on the expensive side, but well worth the smooth shave!

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  • zixpac2009 By  zixpac2009    

    When I found this Razor and never went back to the old. Get a smooth shave without the knicks, cuts and razor burn. I totally love this razor and have not found another one to match it. So I am sticking with Venus

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  • Kdub97 By  Kdub97    

    Amazing! I love the Venus line. Great shave everytime!

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  • elizabethstamant40 By  elizabethstamant40    

    I love Venus razors I have always used them and ever time they come out with a new blade I get so excited and run out to buy the lasted.

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  • tbrjjt2013 By  tbrjjt2013    

    I have used this for a couple of years and I have no complaints. This is my favorite razor, it gives a close shave. The refills are expensive but worth it.

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  • desertmoon By  desertmoon    

    This is the best razors for women but the price is really high

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  • madmax8fan By  madmax8fan    

    With 3 females in my home we have tried about ever razor that is made. The Venus Embrace is an o.k. razor. It does leave a smooth shave. I don't like the handle because it just does not feel right in your hand. Maybe because how wide it is. I would also always drop this razor like it just slipped out of my hand. The refills are crazy expensive. For all three of us to keep using the razors we would be broke. I also just don't think it stays sharp long enough. It's not bad just not great.

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  • TheBudgetMama By  TheBudgetMama    

    By far my favorite razor! Not only can you use different razor blade types within the Venus family but this particular razor blade works effortlessly and gives me a super close shave!

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  • tyleric5234X By  tyleric5234X    

    Worth every penny! Some may say it is on the more expensive side, however you have to pay to get results. This the smoothest, most comfortable shave you will ever have. I actually like shaving day. There! I said it! I like the horrid practice of shaving! You can't even feel the razor blade. And kiss shaving burn and razor bumps goodbye FOREVER! I have very sensitive skin, and could not shave for about 3 months ( I know...eww) but this razor is so gentle and does not bother me or my eczema at all.

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  • october31 By  october31    

    I shave my legs daily and have been using the Gillette Venus Embrace for the past week. I find that it is a good shave, not great, not horrible. Gives a pretty close shave, but the refills are so expensive. I would definitely recommend if you find on sale and/or coupon.

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