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    I am a big fan of motrin, it is strong enough to bring down my boys' fevers when Tylenol doesn't and it works fast

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  • Samiller88 By  Samiller88    

    My daughter doesn't mind the taste and seems to give her relief!

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  • Tiwh77 By  Tiwh77    

    We are super fans of Motrin for children and infants it always drops the fever reduces pain and inflammation.

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  • Sweetbee7 By  Sweetbee7    

    I reach for this before any other pain reliever for my children. Works way better in my opinion. Definitely help better with fever, soreness/fussing after shots. Definitely fan of adults also

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  • newhope14 By  newhope14    

    This product works great even for adults since there certain ingredients that isn't in adult medication that helps more for adult colds

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  • srdutchdiva By  srdutchdiva    

    This is one of my go to products on the days that my baby has to get a shot.

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  • Kplum6 By  Kplum6    

    Great for fevers & fussy little ones. Works great & great tasting.

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  • AngelicaM63 By  AngelicaM63    

    Great fever reducer for my children! Much better than Tylenol

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    Love Motrin! Last way longer than Tylenol

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  • Softkitty86 By  Softkitty86    

    Love it! It really does break that high fever and keeps it down for my little ones.

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  • Jessisingletary By  Jessisingletary    

    Teething? Piece of cake with this! It tastes like cotton candy to my son ( and to me btw) and He doesn't hate taking it. I love that about this product because so often - medicines are a fight in our house!

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  • WinWithCindy By  WinWithCindy    

    Motrin's is the only product we use to relieve pain. The only downside to the Product is the sweetness. Aside from that My Boys prefer this over Tylenol. Thank you

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  • sdcrisco By  sdcrisco    

    Loved how quickly it worked. The only complaint I have is that it was like a sugar rush for my daughter. Tylenol always makes her sleepy. Not Motrin. COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!!

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  • Lannah86 By  Lannah86    

    i have no complaints. besides my daughter hates the taste of it but it seems to work pretty fast.

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  • Seafoam18 By  Seafoam18    

    I use Motrin over other well known children pain medication. I have had fast responses to pain management when using Motrin. Best for teething as it also helps with swelling.

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