CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

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I know you want fuller lashes, but honestly I was dissapointed in how this product was seemingly too thick and almost clumpy on my lashes. Sorry, love their other products, but this gets a thumbs down from me at this point in time.

I don't like this mascara. I could barely see any different to my eyelashes. Lashblast? No! It gets dry really quick compared to the other mascaras I've owned. I love CoverGirl products but this was just not my cup of tea.

When this mascara came out. I went and bought it. I was so disappointed because it was not that the hype. I had to reapply several time to get the volume that I want. In between coat, I have to use a comb to comb out the clump so my las wouldn't clump together. So disappointed on this product. the one good thing for me is the mascara didn't flake as much and hold my lash curl well.

I purchased this with a coupon and am very glad I saved some money when I purchased. It clumped up and definately had to reapply and comb out the clumps. I gave it to my step daughter who loved it even having to brush through the clumps.

This one is okay, but i really love the new clump crusher in the green packaging.

I liked the long fake look it gave, but it seemed too clumpy, and my lashes didn't separate very well. They would stick together and I'd have to try to separate them with another brush.

I bought this to use in a pinch during a travel mishap and did not receive it with my test package, regardless, this product was not a favorite. It barely looked like I was wearing mascara, even after several swipes. I would not buy this product again, sorry to say.

It was not best product I could use but it got job done, thick and clumped.

This mascara was ok.. I felt like it clumped my eyelashes together more then anything no matter how much I tried to work with it.

Mascara color and thickness are good but the wand gets a little gunky.. must be cleaned off before using... which is a little wasteful.

I love mascara. This mascara starts off well, but it clumps easily and it's impossible to get off. I used make up remover, still had little clumps of mascara on the tips of my lashes. I used baby oil, to no avail. I lost a few eyelashes trying to remove it. I've never had that happen before and I've been wearing mascara for many years. I would say it's a great "one coat" mascara (second coat will clump) but very hard to remove. I don't want to lose eyelashes trying to take my mascara off.

Was thrilled to give this a try, but it's not a great mascara. It did not give me much extra length or definition - really, it gave me less oomph than I like, even for a daytime look.

I was not a huge fan of this mascara. The container and brush were both very bulky. I have very thin lashes, so the huge brush made it hard to grasp my thin lashes. Also, when I put it on I didn't really see a difference in the length of my lashes. They were still hard to see. I would recommend making a more slender tube and slimmer brush.

I think i have sensitive eyes because I have not found a mascara that does not irritate my eyes. This one irritated my eyes just like the others. I received the black color as part of the SheSpeaks program. It was easy to apply. It looked good initially. After 20 minutes, I was driving and my eyes started to tear. I pulled over and blotted my eyes and got back on the road. It happened again within 2 minutes. My parked my car. I only wearing powder (which I have worn daily for long time), lip stain and the mascara. No other eye makeup. I wiped off as much as i could with tissues and water. At home I used makeup remover. Then I actually gave this mascara another try 5 days later. Same thing!! Tearing, and no other eye makeup on my face. Well, my quest continues to find mascara that is not irritating. Others may not have the same experience as me.

Not a fan :( I purchased this mascara shortly after it first came out and I didn't care for it :( However I do use the lashblast volume waterproof and absolutely LOOOOVE IT:)