CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

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Cover girl lash blast makes my eyes pop and goes on smooth instead of clumpy I don't wear makeup often but when I do I pull out this mascara

My lashes are luxurious with this mascara! My eyes POP! Love it!

I love this product. For it being store brand, it's pretty great quality. However, I don't like how it begins to dry and clump within a few hours.

I love this Mascara it does not clump goes on smoothly and last all day. I have no problem removing it but it doesn't run with just water. However it dries out in the tube quickly and needs to be replaced frequently

Wasn't my best experience with this product didn't last very long with the price

We found out real quick that my teenage daughter could not use cover girl lash blast volume mascara when she put it on and her eyes wouldn't quit tearing up. When she took it off her eyes were a little bloodshot. She had a slight allergic reaction to this product.

I really do like this mascara due to the fact that it is non-irritating to sensitive eyes and it really does enhance the lashes. I've always liked Covergirl Mascaras because they've always worked.

This was the mascara that changed my beauty world. I can honestly say that I do not remember the mascara I used before I found this. Though it has been many years since this product first came out, and I first tried it, I can tell you that CoverGirl will always be in my heart. I am in love with all mascaras from this line.

Best drugstore mascara ever! Made my lashes long and full without clumps. Only one complaint, it did dry out in a couple of weeks of purchase. Is it just me or are most mascaras doing that these days?!

I did not enjoy this product. Typically I like the full thick lashes, and even after multiple coats I just could not achieve that look. The mascara also dried out very quickly, and as it was not expensive, that's still money I wouldn't want to spend again.

Great alternative to expensive brands, no clumps, no fuss........just natural looking lashes!

my favorite mascara of all time it gives volume and definition it will not clump ever even after several layers, i have not found another mascara that compares even coming from the same brand, this is the best out of all of them. I have tried more expensive mascaras but I get about the same or less quality. This has been my go to mascara for 8 years.

I'm a makeup artist freelance, buying makeup can get very expensive quickly. I have found many pricey items as well as lower priced beauty products that work just as well. This mascara being one of them. Mascara is everything to me. The bigger the better. This mascara makes my lashes so long and thick people think they are fake all the time! It's about $10 compared to $30 like some others I've purchased at sephora or ulta. You can find anywhere. Stays on all day. It's my go to mascara year round.

This is the only mascara I use because it doesn't clump!!!!

This mascara is my all time favorite! After trying many different brands and using all types of mascara brushes, I found myself always returning to covergirl. I have lighter eyelashes, so when I put on lashblast, my eyes and lashes stand out 100 times more. I have found myself receiving MANY compliments on my eyelashes, and many people ask what I use. They automatically assume I use an unknown brand and are shocked to find out it is covergirl. I have turned many friends on to this amazing product, and will continue spreading how amazing this product is! My personal favorite is the lashblast very black non-water proof!