Pledge  Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

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It didn't work as well as I hoped it would on my suede couch, but it did great on getting the cat hair off my bed.

It does not work on my couches with slip covers. :(

I was not impressed with this product, it seemed very flimsy, and did not get up cat/dog hair. A lint roller does a whole lot better.

I tried this and thought, what a novel idea. The cost is too much and the fact that it is disposable is crazy! I will keep using my Dyson DC-17 animal.

It worked very well. A bit pricey though.

I bought the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair in a two pack and it does remove some of the dog and cat hair from our microfiber couch. However after using the product I found that my basic lint roller worked better and is more economical.

Did not work at all for me, My dog has very short hairs. did not pick them up.

This did not work on my couch nor bed at all. I have a husky and a german shepherd and both are long haired. I will not buy this product again. It did work on my carpet...however, my dyson is what i use on the carpets! :)

eh I wouldnt buy it again. I also thought it was reusable... but no, you have to toss the whole thing and buy a new one. Wasteful. It didnt really pick up all that great, either. I'll stick to my Dyson.

I wouldn't buy this again. It didn't pick up the hair very well, and you have to throw it away after a few uses. Not worth the money.

I do NOT love this product.I have an cat and an Australian Shepherd in my house, and this couldn't even get the cat hair off of my bed. I had to go over the same place for a long time before the hair would come off at all. I finally threw it away and went back to lint rollers. Much more effective.

I did not care for this product. I had to swipe over an area MANY times before I could see a difference in the amount of hair being picked up. I have two dogs who shed moderately and I think my Dyson is a more effective & eco-friendly tool to use to remove the hairs.