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  • menamhayes By  menamhayes    

    i have always wanted ugg boots but culdnt afford them i would deffinantly like to try this product

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  • hannahrenee26 By  hannahrenee26    

    I love my Uggs! Its a shame that we dont have a longer cool months though. They are REALLY expensive though.

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  • shir12095 By  shir12095    

    I like the look and it looks comfy, but way too expensive.

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  • tami5774 By  tami5774    

    i bought apair for my daughter and about a week after i got them for her i threw them on to run to teh store reall fast and LOVED them...i love them so muuch that the ones i got for my daughter now have become comfortable i love them

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  • Pats50lv By  Pats50lv    

    I love my UGGS! I have them in brown,black,ruby and blue. So comfy i could sleep in them! But you have to ake sure you take care of them!

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  • babybear By  babybear    

    I for one LOVE my Uggs---I have owned one pair for over 5 years and they're still in great condition even considering I've worn them in the rain a couple of times. Expensive?? Yes but well worth it as far as I'm concerned...I also own 2 other pairs of Uggs and both of daughters each have one pair which they love wearing. I wish they weren't so expensive though but----oh well!

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  • yvonne0024 By  yvonne0024    

    i just got my first pair of UGGS last week! In classic tall chesnut! i must say i love my uggs never want to take them off! Yes they are too expensive, but they will last me years and thier very good quality!

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I love my uggs, but i agree with the majority. its too expensive.

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  • post4325 By  post4325    

    Love my Uggs! I have had the same pair for 3 years and they look just as good as the day I bought them. Keep my feet warm and dry all winter long.

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  • stajorsol By  stajorsol    

    I love the warmth, the coziness. BUT I have bought two of these for my daughter and both have ended up with a hole in them, returned them and they sent me new and they got a hole in a completely different place. I tried to blame my daughter but after 3 pairs, I cannot do that anymore when these holes are coming in all diff areas. They cost more than any boot I have ever bought for her. Her Old Navy boots and Gap boots last longer than these have combined! I am so disappointed and will never buy them again. I bought her Croc boots this weekend which I have a pair since last year and they are awesome!

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  • robinsonlisa79 By  robinsonlisa79    


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  • mitbrooks By  mitbrooks    

    I absolutely love my UGGS! I have 2 pair - and would buy another. I find them to be extremely comfortable. I don't think they are the best looking boots on the market but comfort is key for me.

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  • simplicity738 By  simplicity738    

    Uggs are the ultimate fashion no-no. The worst part about them is when I see people wearing them with shorts in the summer. Can you say "Ew!"? I understand that they're warm and are said to be quite comfortable as well, but c'mon. They're about as acceptable as Crocs in public. Enough said.

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  • ballerine_avec_ardeur By  ballerine_avec_ardeur    

    I avoid all things UGG! all i can say is ugg... eww!

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  • theworldoffranny By  theworldoffranny    

    Uggs have been on the scene for years. I think they are always in style. You can wear them with whatever you want. The industry just caught on a few years ago, but these have always been in my closet. Love them!!

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