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  • drichie By  drichie    

    Great story, fantastic animation, superb execution, on a whole -an excellent movie!

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    i loved this movie, and so did my whole family.

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  • enksmommy By  enksmommy    

    A great movie. My kids loved it as did my husband and I.

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  • YuanYao By  YuanYao    

    Disney Pixar is amazing.

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  • nednettinc By  nednettinc    

    I actually thought this was a good animated movie--it wasn't just geared towards little kids.

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  • delicia By  delicia    

    It was a very cute movie. My kids and I loved it.

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    THe kids and I love this movie.

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  • katanaavion By  katanaavion    

    I loved it. My children however, seemed bored by it and wouldn't actually watch it (they usually love to sit down and watch Disney movies/cartoons)

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  • mrsdp07 By  mrsdp07    

    I love this movie! Incredibly cute!

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  • BeckyP By  BeckyP    

    Didn't keep my 6 and 9 year olds attention. Story line was a bit to involved for them. Not enough action for boys.

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  • lvknisley By  lvknisley    

    My 6 and 3 year olds love this movie as well as myself. There is something for everyone (adults and children). We watch this one over and over again....

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  • Marie12345 By  Marie12345    

    Extremely funny! Loved it!

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  • Mimisiku By  Mimisiku    

    Very cute movie, i recommend it

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  • margs88 By  margs88    

    Love this movie! I own it now too!

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    Great movie. The entire family enjoyed it.

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