Glade Scented Oil Candles

Glade Scented Oil Candles

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I enjoyed the smell, however it does not last a very long time. Very pretty and will last longer in a small area.,

I love the simple design of the glass holder ~~ fits any decor. The candles come in a variety of nice scents. I use them in the bedroom & bathroom for nice mood lighting & smell. I buy refills when they're on sale or II have a coupon .

I agree with the other posters but what for I use it for it works great . I only use these when I am taking a hot bath, for that they are perfect for "aromatherapy" because I lite them just before I start the bath water, by the time I get in you can smell the candle already. The candle is always still burning when I get out, so for that purpose they are great. But because of the price they are only ever purchased with coupons.

I had a coupon for these candles. Loved the way they smelled but they do not have a very long burn time and the wick seems to be hard to relight.

I love Glade products. I buy them up every chance I get. I have a little to many some might say. These candles are great for the smell purpose but I'm with everyone else that mentioned they don't last long enough.

I love these too, my only complaint is that i wish they would last longer. I love to turn them on after I am done cooking, they take away that food smell very quickly. I always get a few, I just love them.

I did enjoy the fragrance of these candles, but they don't last long at all. They candles burn out really quickly. For that reason, I do not purchase these anymore.

good smell but way too expensive for the size plus finishes fast

I agree with them not lasting long at all. To me they were not worth the money spent on them. i know that I will not buy them again. It did have a nice smell for the short time though.

Love product, need beter scents!!

I like the scents, I am a Glade Addict. Ill use any scented candle products they make. The only two complaints that I have with this one though is the fact that they do not last long enough and once they are burnt up, thats it, they are gone. And the second thing is the fact that I have bought several and sometimes Ill get ahold of one that the wic doesnt work or comes loose and Im unable to use it. They are a little pricey and I dont really buy a lot of them unless I have a coupon.

i agree with you about the scent. the scents great but does not last long. when the candle is burnt up the scent goes with it. doesnt seem to stay lingering in the room after the candle is gone. they dont last long either for the money you pay for them.