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  • jlaura By  jlaura    

    I have to agree with the user that said that this went on somewhat chunky. While I like the smell of the product, I don't think that it applies well to the skin. However, when the amount of money is considered for what is being paid for the product, overall it is satisfactory. I suppose that if you had time to maybe mix it with another product it could come out very well... I highly recommend that you don't formulate an opinion of ELF based solely on their product, though. They have many other wonderful products, especially in their Studio Line.

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  • devdevobrien By  devdevobrien    

    i absoulutly lovee this ! i have it in 3 colors for myself, one with yellow under tones for my eyes, one with pink undertones to give my cheeks a flushed glow, and one with blue undertones for the rest of my face. As for my clients, i ordered them in every color and every one comes out just as flawless as the other. No regrets!

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  • cgd8602 By  cgd8602    

    This is a really good full coverage concealer. Whenever I have some red splotches or hyperpigmentation, it covers really well. The reason that it don't have a full five stars on my review is that I don't like the thick consistency for the under eye circles. I love the citrus scent in this product. If you have severe acne, don't use this product as it may aggravate your condition.

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  • Taysche By  Taysche    

    I love these! I actually have them in all the colors and I'm light skinned. I use them for bases. Like the darker ones for contouring bases!

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  • Jessica87 By  Jessica87    

    This isnt my favorite product by E.L.F. I own just about everything they make and Im pretty indifferent to this one. It works best as a concealer, but can go on a little dry and/or chunky. You definitely have to smooth it our with a concealer brush or your fingers. Its really small, much smaller than it appears on the website, but for only $1 you cant really complain. I dont use it on a daily basis, but I keep it in my purse for touch-ups throughout the day since its so compact.

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  • buggyangel By  buggyangel    

    love it. kinda dry though.

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  • Sweetelbell By  Sweetelbell    

    Gross and chunky

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  • mardel By  mardel    

    I love e.l.f! I have used high end products and these work just as good!! I love all their Studio line!

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  • janet1976 By  janet1976    

    I love e.l.f products and these highlighters are just so handy and versitle! I could use them in many different ways on my face. I highlight my cheekbones, eyes, cupids bow! I love all their color selections!

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    These sticks are fantastic. Stick one in your purse for lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow. Or use it as a base for your other products. They are so versatile for just a dollar!

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  • Tasha326 By  Tasha326    

    I love elf, i love the all over color stick.. makes a great base... all of their products are amazing!

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