Zac Brown Band The Foundation

Zac Brown Band The Foundation

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Country music at its best. This is a great CD with awesome songs.

One of my favorite CD's - full of "feel good" songs!

I Love This Album .

I can't say enough about The Zac Brown Band....Love Love this CD and they are fabulous in concert actually they are better in concert than the CD....

Love this CD and they are incredible in concert too.

Really love this, awesome!!

Prefer it over the new Kenny Chesney CD.

I love this cd. I couldn't wait for it to be released. Zac Brown Band is my favorite country group. Thier songs have a lot of warmth to them. I can't wait for more!

I love the sound of ZBB! Most of the time it takes severla times of listening to a song before I really like it, but with this band, I love their songs right away! Great sound, emotional music. You can tell the band loves what they do.

Love this CD . I play it all the time !!! Love Whatever it is . Its the perfect love song .

LOVE this cd. I love this kind of country music. It's so much better then the pop-country that's on the radio these days.

Awesome band!!! My 5 year old even likes it!!!

The Zac Brown Band is fun to watch and to listen to!

Zac might just be the sexiest, most talented man in country music today. I would give my right arm to see them in concert in a small venue...unfortunately, they've gotten way too big for that. This band deserves all the riches that come their way. The music is incredible and speaks to such a wide audience. Can't say enough about them...especially ZAC!!

This was a great cd from start to finish!