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  • AprilShowers By  AprilShowers    

    Very cute clothes and you can't beat the price. But you do get what you pay for. Don't expect these to last through more than one kid. I have had problems with colors fading. Overall, I'd recommend them to others.

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  • sgtcomire By  sgtcomire    

    I have never had ANY problems with the Circo clothing, and I think that they hold up quite well. I keep a bottle of Shout near the kids hamper and I just spray the stains before I throw them in the hamper, and I don't seem to have a problem with stains not coming out.

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  • courtney_lynne By  courtney_lynne    

    I like how cute these are, but people are right, not handme down quality. I do love to get thier onsies on clearence for my little boy, but carrot stains will never come out of a few and spit up stains are stuck in a few others. I like their cotton pants though! they don't bunch up on him and a slender enough for my skinny little boy.

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