Febreze Candles

Febreze Candles

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These are long lasting and smell great!

I have a dog and that means a smelly house so I constantly use candles for freshness. I have used febreeze before and was willing to try the candles. I love these candles, they are definitely worth the price. Occasionally, there are coupons on the products or in the Sunday paper.

I love these candles.Last long and smell very good.

I am just in love with these Candles right now and usually I only get Yankee candles, these are alot cheaper and just as good. I purchased the Gain scent and it has a great faint but clean fresh scent, it doesn't take long at all to get it going. The scent travels throughout the room quick. Luv em!!

just bought the febreeze pumkin spice , mmmm smells so good, and to make it even better they were on clearance

These candles burn perfectly and the scents are wonderful. This average sized candle brings an oversized scent to any room. I personally and used the pet-odor scented febreze candle and loved it. I recently purchased some seasonal scents and can t wait to use them!

I use the pomagranate (spelling?) and pear soy candle and it LASTS and LASTS!! The fragrance is steady and not overpowering, but delightful! It is worth the extra price versus something like the Glade candles. We have 3 dogs and a cat, so it's nice to come home from work and enjoy a fresh-not-overpowering candle. I definitely recommend this. The wooden base is really pretty, too, it is a base and also a lid for the candle when you're not using it. Super-cute!

these definatley smell more than glade. I have tried both and if you want a lrgr version of a glade candle, these are the best. you can find coupons easily enough for them too but at full price they are a bit much