Nintendo Wii Fit

Nintendo Wii Fit

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Amazing! Love this!! Really actually got in shape by using the wiifit.

Fun I love my Wii Fit. It gets you up and moving, playing sports, doing yoga, and other activities. It's great they for the whole family. I was on our constantly after I had my son and when he got a little old (like 4 months) I strapped him to me and worked out with him.

Fun For the Whole Family! I love my Wii Fit. It's a great game and setup perfect for one or more people. I would highly recommend this not only to friends and family interested in getting into shape, but those interested in a fun activity for the whole family.

Love my Wii FIT - highly recommend I had a Wii Fit several years ago and just purchased one again, remembering how fun it was to workout and yet it didn't feel like a workout. I loved being able to walk or run with the Wii Remote in my pocket while watching my evening shows in split screen on my TV. My waistline got smaller, stamina increased and muscles were toned. I also loved running in place and racing other characters. I am surely NOT a runner and yet, I felt so accomplished after running in place. The tracking of my workouts and my weight was a plus because it kept me more accountable. I am so happy to have this again!

Use mine as much as I can in my busy schedule. I love that it tracks everything for you, weight, frequency of use and progress. The games are so much fun to, like you arent even exercising!

This is a great workout. It also can be fun. My grandkids normally work out together. Lots of fun.

The Wii fit board is good to help with balance but it's not as fun as I'd it like to be. It'd be better if it was a controller free platform.

The wii fit is a very fun way to get kids exercising. In the day we live today kids don't play tag in the yard or even go outside much so it's very important that there is a fitness program that is fun for inside exercise! We love our WII fit

Fun way to exercise at home, I forget that I am exercising and not playing a game!

Great way to get exercise at home. Fun, and has great games for families

This is a pleasure to have. You get fun games by yourself or with another person. I get to exercise, learn balance and even yoga. With plenty of choices to choose from it sure helps to have something like this especially in the winter when you can't get outside.

Wii fit is a fun way to work out but I think there should be more to it. There should be more options and more games/workouts.

Love my Wii Fit. My favorite is the jogging game. Not comfortable enough to jog outside where someone may see me but love to race with the mini avatar. 🏃🙋

I love Wii Fit! I used it a lot in the summer when I had more time, but it is very versatile and makes working out a lot more fun.

I use this often. When it first came out I was crazy about this but now that there are so many more things to try it is not on the top of my to do list. The children love this more than I do now