Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

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I love anything pampered chef! Their gadgets are fantastic, they are durable and last forever!! I use this mini spatula all the time, it is the perfect size, whether i'm getting pizza off of my pizza stone or deep dish pan or whatever, it works great!

I love the pampered chef mini spatula. I use it to chop up pasta and other foods for my 3 and 6 year old right in their bowls so it is easier for them to eat with a spoon and not as messy! And it works great for getting bars out of pans.... we use it so much I had to buy an extra and one is always in the dishwasher.

This is the best product Ever for spatulas that is. I have to keep buying new ones for when I take it somewhere someone ALWAYS seems to walk off with mine. It just goes to show how many other people like it too, I just wish that they would but there own and quit taking mine.

I use this alot when I take foods to work, it works so much better than a regular size. Everyone always comments on how easy it is to use--and how cute it is. I never knew how much I missed this item until I bought it and now use it more than the regular size spatulas. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to friends as well as anyone else who needs to get in those small spaces where a big spatula just doesn't work.

I love my pampered chef mini spatula. It works for just about anything, cakes, pies, casseroles, meatloaf, etc. I use it all the time.

I have a lot of pampered chef items and they are an everyday essential at my house!

I'm a Pampered Chef accessory junkie. I bought this little spatula on a whim and I wasn't sure if I would truly use it over a normal size one. Oh boy do I use it! I love, love, love this little thing. It's perfect for taking cookies of a baking sheet and keeping them intact, I use it for my daughter's fish sticks and it's the PERFECT SIZE to use in our toaster oven! I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone. I plan on buying one as a 'back-up' in case they discontinue it and mine breaks!

I love the mini spatula because you can get smaller sized pieces of items - brownies, cake, etc. - out of the pan, without lifting up two or three of them with a reg. spatula which usually will rip through my baked product. I don't usually use this for cookies becuase I think it will scratch my non stick pans, so I stick to plastic for that, and I don't use for cooking because my hand would be that much closer to a grease splatter - ouch!... I get enough use out of it, it was a great purchasee and would recommend to anyone.

I love Pampered Chef products and have three of these small spatulas in my kitchen. Excellent for Picking up cookies, brownies or anything that fits! Better than using your typical sized spatula that can damage surrounding items like other cookies.

I LOVE this little spatula! I had been invited to a Pampered Chef party years and years ago and didn't even know what it was. A good friend told me to buy the little spatula; it was inexpensive and a "must have". Let me tell you it is now a favortie of mine! I use this spatula for everything from cutting, slicing and serving baked goods to flipping silver dollar pancakes. I liked it so much I have since purchased about 10 of them as gifts. It's a hit every time.

This is a great item for every kitchen. I at least have two incase one is dirty because i dont know what i would do without it. Its so much better then those big long handled plastic things that i used to use.

Great product. It is the perfect size and really easy to remove cookies from pans or I use when I like to hold something smaller than a large spatula. I need to purchase additonal ones. Love it cant have enough of these

I love this. It is perfect for getting cookies off a cookie sheet or to get that hard corner piece of cake out of the pan.

I had heard about Pampered Chef, and I thought...OMG, not ANOTHER home party......But I finally went to a at home party, and I LOVED it!!!!......The mini spatula is one of the first things that I purchased and I would not, could not do without it...... It is very handy, and serves up baking items, like cookies, etc..... I even use it to cook eggs, and dollar size pancakes, ....It is a wonderful tool for the kitchen.....I cant wait for my next party....With Christmas coming up, I need to order more for friends....

I have had one of these for many years and it has held up well despite much use. It is perfect for brownies and cookies and the short handle makes it easy for kids to help in the kitchen without dropping the food. It is so small that it is perfect for people with little drawer space.