Campbell'sŪ Select HarvestŪ Soup

Campbell'sŪ Select HarvestŪ Soup

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My family loves these soups, and I love that they are all natural as well. So glad we were able to try them.

Very good soup! I have tries the mexican tortilla, Chicken and brown rice, as well as the new england clam chowder. All 3 very goos indeed. They are made with fresh choice ingredients, has a homemade taste to them. I am going to highly recommend these. Great for the kids too, my 3 boys luv em.

It is nice to find comfort food that is healthy and tastes good! It is an easy and inexpensive way to bring your own lunch! Thank you

This soup is very delicious, it is all natural with nothing fake, this is something I want and need in a soup, the entire family enjoyed it as well. Thank you for the coupons!

This product is really nice our children Love a cup of soup when they get home from after school in the winter! I use the can do to the fact we have a big family. However the time to make is like 5 mins. Not a big deal for me. I am willing to do this because its a HARDY HEALTHY Meal! My husband can eat a can every day for lunch and get something from each food group. This product is for EVERYONE I am glad I got to try the Healthy Selects!! They are wonderful to have in your home.

As a busy mom, I often make lunch for my kids and run out of time for myself. I really enjoy the new Campbell'sŪ Select HarvestŪ Soup line that contains that no artificial flavors, color or preservatives. They make packing my own lunch easy! I grab one of the microwavable soup bowls and I'm good to go!