L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I wasn't a fan. I the colors it comes in are too broad so it didn't match and it was very drying. I'm disappointed I was very excited to receive it but I would only recommend this if your fair skinned don't have drying issues.

First impression was that the texture of the product was very strange like massaging sandy lotion on your face. After it was blended out it did not seem to cover much of anything so I added a little more product. The BB cream seemed to take away some redness but left me looking orange. I am not sure if maybe another shade would have been better but it was very orange not a color my face ever wants to be. My face felt very tight while wearing this not at all comfortable or natural looking which is the goal of a BB cream.

Liked how "dry" this was and how it went on the skin. Being so dry, it kept my skin from being shiny. I am very fair and the light was still way too dark for me so I could not go out in public with it on. It also was a very strange orangey color on me which I didn't expect with something called "light." I would not buy this for the fact that it clearly does not come in a color to match my fair skin.

Made my skin breakout really bad. I will stick to the Too Faced brand BB cream I've been using, it also has better coverage.

I was really excited to try this product because I use BB cream almost everyday. The packaging was very nice and the size of the product was generous, and I was intrigued by the color of the product itself. I did not enjoy the texture of this cream, as it is rather grainy and felt like I was applying a fine sand to my face. The cream is white and the graininess I assume are the "beads" that conform to your own completion color. It did match my completion rather well, but dried very fast and left my face feeling dry. I ended up having to use my regular moisturizer under it.. Because of the texture and the dry feeling of the product, I will not be finishing my sample tube.

I was excited to try this cream, but the color was to light and it made my face look white. I like that it is a lightweight cream, but it didn't do much for my face.

I want to like this I really do but I'm just not sure at this point. I will give it credit for the unique appearance the white really did throw me but it did turn to a skin tone before my eyes. The texture of this bb cream is very different than the other brands I have tried it is a runny almost too liquid consistency it does blend on but I think it takes a little more product to get the coverage than other brands also. (Garnier is cremier and spreads nicer) The color (light) doesn't match my skin and leaves that line of demarcation all around my face so that is dissapointing but I'm going to try a lighter option and see if that helps I found it odd I could use light/medium in other brands they are not as yellow as this. Lastly I do notice that once the product dries it appears too much like liquid foundations, dry and settling into hair, brows, lines it doesn't quite have the primer component I'm used to from other products.

I can't tell you how excited I was when I got the invitation to try BB cream. I have seen similar commercials and thought it was the answer to my prayers. Well it's not. :( I received the "light" shade and it immediately turned me an orangish color. It was as if I was using a lighter shade bronzer! I guess I need the vampire shade or something much lighter. Im a redhead and while I'm fairskinned I didnt think i was THAT pale. I usually use Natural Ivory or something similar. I guess I should have opted for the "fair" shade. I gave my bottle to a friend who is darker than I am. It was a little dark for her too, but I think she could blend it with her usual make up. Ill try the fair shade before I totally give up, or maybe even a different brands "bb" cream. Its a great concept and I wish it had worked for me! :(

This product was not suitable for me.... I received the dark and it seemed to not blend in that great with my complexion.

As a member of SheSpeaks, I was given the opportunity to receive a free full-size L'Oreal BB Magic Skin Beautifier to evaluate its use for me, personally. Let's face it (pun absolutely intended!), as a lady-of-a-certain-age, I need all the help and assistance to create any degree of beauty or lovliness to my skin. Those cells and tissues do begin to break down, weaken, spot-up, get "porey," and in short - show their age. So I have been using a fairly high end department store liquid foundation for a number of years and it does a really good job. But when given the opportunity (for free, you know) to participate in a good brand nameproduct evaluation or test, I'm all for giving it a look-see to see if the vote would be in favor of going for facial beauty at about 1/5th the cost of my department store. So here is what I found...... I have used it naturally nothing underneath the BB cream with a light application around the house for a couple of days. It looked o.k. for stayig around the house with light makeup. Then I tried applying it with full moisturizers (first applying a natural product facial lotion and then day moisturizer underneath the BB cream) and an adequate application of the BB Cto go to my office job where I like to "put my best face forward." Now here is my take on it. I found it fine to use as a light makeup it help even out skin tones and give a touch of color for around the house or when I don't need to be at the "top of my game." I found that using more in the application with full moisturizers underneath the BB cream that it tended to make my skin look drier, older, and much less attractive than when I use my normal department store foundation. I found it to be very easy to apply and feels desirable on the skin. My opinion: I can see having some of this on hand to use for a quick, light application for when you don't need to look your absolute best. Reserve the more costly makeup for other occasions. The BB cream is probably a good product for younger skin.

My first impression was that I loved this product. It went on smooth and make my skin look flawless. My pores disappeared and it looked great. By the end of the day my face started feeling gross. All I wanted to do was wash my face. The BB Cream felt heavy and cake like. I quit using this product because I hate the way it feels on my face. I will not use in the future.

I liked how light this was, but I wasn't extremely impressed with the coverage. It didn't do much for my complexion. However, it did help minimize the appearance of my black heads and pores on my nose. I wouldn't buy it, but I'm glad I got to try it.

I was excited to try this product through She Speaks because I love bb cream. I don't consider myself to have really sensitive skin but this product caused me to have a serious breakout out that took me about 2 weeks to recover from and on that alone I would not recommend it. As far as coverage it was ok but it made me look slightly ashy and my tube for some reason left a slight glittery after tint.

It didn't cover well at all and left my skin feeling dry. It also didn't go well under foundation.

I liked the coverage it gave, but as with most foundation, it made me break out and I felt like my skin couldn't breathe in it.