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  • candries candries

    I know we all have to shop at Walmart form time-to-time......they have good prices, are easy to get in and out. Sometimes they just seem a little cramped. It is so hard to get through their CLOTHING departments. Spread those racks out a little bit to give people room to get through and shop!

  • Alidave6 Alidave6

    I would rather pay twice the price than shop at Wal-Mart again. They don't have enough help and I feel sorry for their employees - I've seen a manager yelling at them TWICE in the last month. No one deserves that!

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  • Strawberryblondebomb By  Strawberryblondebomb    

    Not a fan anymore

    I usually love Walmart for their wide varieties, but lately they don't restock they have more items out of stock then on the shelves. Their employees are rude and just don't care about their customers


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