Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess

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This is one of my favorite scents.....not too overpowering but just enough to make you feel good when you wear it. As mentioned, though, it does not last as long as I'd like but to me it's worth the price. I absolutely love the "flirty" fragrance and my 7-year-old daughter loves and plays with the crown on top as she is a princess after all ;)

I just got this for my daughter (small bottle) and it is so light and non-intrusive, perfect for a young lady ready to start wearing perfume, but not ready to smell like a woman yet!


The scent is light but not too light. The packaging is elegant and fun! For a light perfume it doesn't take a lot of product, making the higher price a little easier to swallow. This product will last for a long time, (for me, over a year) so i really don't mind splurging it's actually a great deal. Scents are more of a personal choice kind of deal but it's not overly floral and just the right amount of sass for me!

It smells great. The packaging is beautiful.

I have and love this perfume, but like others said, it doesn't stay for too terribly long. I work in close proximity with a few girls that have extremely bad allergies, so i try to keep the scents to a minimum, and this is one that i can wear to work. By the end of the day, you really can't smell it, but by that time I am either getting ready to go out with friends, so I either put on more perfume or a different scent, or I am just going home to lounge around, where I don't need to have perfume on. It is expensive, and it does fade, but it works for me and my lifestyle.

this smells so good! kinda fruity? just smells really girly and pretty. definitely very wearable and my boyfriend loves it!

i will be honest ladies, vera disappointed me with this one. i tried a knock off of this before trying the real thing.... THE KNOCKOFF WAS BETTER! i wound up going back and getting the matching lotion to the knockoff! hahaha! of course it didn't stay on as good as a real perfume would, but for the price, i ain't complaining! :)

One of my favorite perfumes and I have a lot. Love the smell and worth the price.

This fragrance, though delightful at first whiff, is designed for a very young market. It does not have staying power and is overpriced for the reason alone. You'd have to buy several product in this scent and layer it to expect its pleasant first impression to last for any time at all. I tried it at Sephora's, taking a sample with me to try over time. Its scent seems to fade quickly and even sour on some people. I was drawn to it because the Sephora computer said it had a strong tuberose note. However, that is not in the initial top notes (the ones that fade first). According to my research, it has "sharp notes of water lily, apple, freshly-sweet mandarin, and apricot. The middle notes include guava, Tiare flower, tuberose and a perception of chocolate. It dries to a powdery base with faint lingering notes of vanilla, amber and wood. the powdery finish is not as strong as Guerlain's Shalimar (original formulation), but it's there if you soak yourself in it. I must admit I love either very fresh, light one-note fragrances such as tuberose, rose, lily of the valley and the like or complex Orientals that have staying power. My low rating has more to do with it not matching my life stage and lifestyle because if I am going to buy pricey fragrance, I want and need it to last.

This fragrance does not last to long on me

I like the perfume but its a little strong and a little expensive.

I did not like this scent...I found it was too potently strong.

Selected and given to my by my husband for Christmas. Very nice.

This is sooooo beautiful! One of my favorite perfumes.