Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer

Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer

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I love the way this makes my husbands face feel!!

My son loved this

My husband liked his sample that he received from She Speaks and P&G. It smells nice and gave him a nice close shave.

This was one of the finest shaves I had....and I think this is the reason, great product

Husband loved. Face stayed nicely moisturized and not greasy. Did not break out like he normally does after shaving.

My husband likes this, it makes his skin feel good and it smells good, it is easy to spread over his face

I gave it to my husband because I knew he would be shaving sooner than I. He really liked it and we will probably continue to buy this in the future.

I gave this to my son to try. He really likes it and loved how it made his face feel. Coming from a teenager that is a big deal.

My husband is not the type to use moisturizer! He works on a rig with "manly" men, and this that lotion is feminine, even if it is for men. The only reason he tried this product is because it is in the Gillette Fusion ProSeries, which is the same brand as his razor. He said it was, "alright", but I have noticed that he uses after ever time he shaves, which is saying a lot! It leaves his skin moisturized and bump-free, and it smell awesome on him, too!

My husband has never used Gillette Fusion ProSeries till now. He actually like it. It helped his skin moisturize and made his face smell amazing. I can say that I will be buying this for my husband now. It is now his favorite thing to use after shaving since it does not irritate his skin andI love it since it smells so good.

My fiance hates shaving his face....and it's on a rare occasion that he does. Why? "It burns, I get red bumps, and I hate the feeling after." I've tried encouraging him to use different facial products for men....if he didn't use anything, I wanted him to at least try to moisturize. Being a cosmetologist, I know how important it is to listen to your skin, and to get the desired results, you must always take care of it. Well, my tactics never worked. UNTIL I received this amazing P&G product kit with this moisturizer inside. Not only is it a moisturizer intended for men to use after's also his favorite shaving product brand-Gillette! He hesitated to try it with all sorts of excuses. But with the warmer weather promising to stay, he finally decided to shave after 4 months, and shut me up by trying it. I don't think he was happy to admit that I was right....but he loves this stuff!! All in one aftershave, moisturizer and bump defense in one. He says it didn't burn, and he was happy that it smelt good (not overwhelmingly) and his skin felt amazing after. Two days later, he's still pleased to see the signs of irritation that always consumes him after shaving to be nonexistent. He actually told me that he'd be more apt to shave on the regular now since he's tried this. Thank you shespeaks and P&G for sending this product to our house!! If it wasn't for the program, he'd never have changed his habits!! Love, Love, Love!!!

My husband enjoyed this product. I loved the way his face felt kissable soft!!

#PGmostloved and #spon @SheSpeaksUp and @PGeveryday My husband tried this out and he really liked it. He said it made it easier to shave the next time after using it. Made his skin smoother and had the feeling of being tighter.

My husband got to try this on a shespeaks test. He says with the first use his skin felt tighter, smoother, and refreshed. With continued use his skin got clearer and smoother with each use.

My husband really liked this brand and wants me to switch! Thank you for letting us try it. We loved it!