Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

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I was anxious to try Dryel on sweaters. I used it on a heavy Alpaca sweater and 3 silk turtlenecks that usually get dry cleaned. The sweater came out great, soft, smelled fresh, felt clean. The 3 silk turtlenecks came out okay, they probably need a light pressing. That would be my only disappointment, they don't look like after dry-cleaning. I was concerned about drying all these items but they held up fine, no color issues or shinkage. I would definitely use again.

I am so glad I got to try this product. My clothes never last as long as they should, I over wash them I know. I tried it on two of my hand wash sweaters and they came out perfect . I am going to use on all my hand wash garments. I am going to tell my sister she has to try this, she has the same problem as me can't keep clothes looking new.

I love this product. It has saved me a lot of money in dry cleaning! Thank you Dryel!!

This product is both a time and money saver. My shirt and sweater came out as good as if I had taken them to the dry cleaners. I really appreciated not having to make that extra trip into an already busy schedule. I also liked not having that dry cleaning chemical smell in my clothing. Thanks!

I really wasn't sure how I would feel about this product because I didn't think I had a big need for dry cleaned items. But, I was pleasantly surprised! I love the way my sweaters smell, feel and look now! It really freshened them up and brought a softness to them! I fell in love with Dryel, great product!

Normally I would never try a product like this. I would just go to the dry cleaners like normal. When I received my kit in the mail I was kind of excited to try it. I used it on my favorite sweaters. They turned out perfect. Even better than the dry cleaner's work. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone not capable of going to the dry cleaners all the time.

This is one of those products I would never buy without being able to try it first. So, thank you for the opportunity to sample this and review it. I used it as soon as I got it on a black dry clean only dress. Love the scent, just enough without being too perfumey. I had makeup on the neckline from when I took the dress off, so I sprayed it with the cleaning boosting spray. The makeup stain was gone, the dress came out great woth no wrinles or shrinkage. I will definitely buy the refills for this and look forward to using it on my good sweaters that I hate to put in the washer. Thank you

I love this. It got a set in stain on my son's dress pants almost completely out.. Its noticeable to me because i know where it was. I will only use dryel on my Jeans now, unless very dirty. Its great!

I have a lot of clothes that are dry clean only and I hate how expensive they are to take to the dry cleaner. I tried this kit the same day that I received it and I was very impressed! My clothes came out smelling fresh and the kit was very easy to use! I had seem the dryel products in the store, but had never purchased them before, I will definitely be purchasing them again in the future. Great product!

I tried it on 2 lightweight jackets and both came out fresh and clean smelling.

I used the Dryel Kit this morning. I have used Dryel in the past and noticed as soon as I opened the Dryel Cleaning Cloth packet that Dryel has a lighter fragrance, which I think is great. The Cleaning Booster Spray really works and I like that it is fragrance free.

I don't have many dry-clean only pieces of clothing, but I do own a few pairs of dark jeans. I decided to give the jeans a shot, and I was very impressed. I normally don't put my jeans in the dryer because it causes them to shrink, but after retrieving my pants, I noticed that they were soft, not stiff like they sometimes can be, and they fit the same as they always do. I also noticed that the color was richer and looked newer than when I had originally put them in the dryer. It was easy to use the Dryel product, and I liked the outcome. I'm not sure if I would purchase this, had I not received it for free to try, because I don't have much of a need for it. But, if the situation arose where I needed dry-cleaned quality clothes, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this product again.

Love Dryel! Dealing with the Drycleaners is such a hassel. This is much more convenient, and very easy to use. My clothes look and smell great, and it will certainly save time and money.

I've used Dryel stuff before and loved it. There are no dry cleaners even near my house so this not only saved me time and money but also is better for the environment. Don't have to worry about any mishaps with the clothing either. I've done both of my husband's suits and they turned out great. We don't have a whole lot to dry clean so this is perfect for us to keep in our laundry arsenal.

I tried it and I like it. It saved me time and money. My clothes come out nice and fresh. Its easy to use, just put clothes in the zip bag along with a cleaning sheet and place the bag in the dryer for 30 minutes and you are done. It saves wear and tear on your clothes.