L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I love the generous full size tube. Speaking of the tube, it was easy to dispense the product and it fit easily into my makeup bag. I was surprised at first by the grainy texture and silvery color of the cream. I was pleased to find that once it was rubbed in, the cream transformed in a smooth, silky texture and the color changed to match my skin tone. I was very impressed by the color matching "magic". I know that this is a BB cream and would give very light coverage. Unfortunately for me, my skin is horrid and littered with acne scars. So I cannot wear this cream alone if I want a more flawless face. Once the cream sank in my skin felt soft and smooth and I noticed the cream has shimmery flecks that I'm sure create brightness. Overall it's a nice product, but for me it would serve as a primer for a full coverage foundation rather than a stand alone product.

I received my sample of Magic B B L'oreal Skin Beautifier a few weeks ago. I love the texture, it's very light. It provides a light coverage, so it looks quite natural on me. But it doesn't feel moisturazing at all, that's why I'm giving it 3 stars.

I've used this product for over a week and really like it as a primer and moisturizer. Not crazy about the shade, I used light, but overall I like it well enough to purchase again in a different shade.

I have been using my L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Light for the past ten days. I love the light texture and the seamless look when applied. The color blended so well and naturally - just a hint of color. For those who love a natural look with a no makeup feel, this is perfect. My only issues with the product is the lack of SPF and anti-aging benefits and reason why I only give it 3 stars. I tried applying the product after sunscreen and the BB cream would have a peeling effect throughout the day. My understanding of a BB cream is that it also provides skin treatment/anti-aging benefits, which this does not. This is a decent tinted moisturizer.

Overall I guess I was indifferent about the product. It's not something I will be purchasing on my own. The coverage is good but it takes a lot of product to get there. While it does soften, smooth, and even the skin tone that's only while you're wearing it. I've been using the product for two weeks and there are not noticeable improvements to my skin, which I thought was the draw to a BB cream. The price and availability is great. Additionally, it truly matches your skin tone which can be a tough one with makeup. I've honestly not tried other BB creams so I might feel differently if I were comparing it to something else in it's own category.

I have tried a few other bb creams from drugstore bands and I have to say this one is the best that I have tried so far. It doesn't give a lot of coverage but it did go on smoothly and didn't feel oily on my face, like most bb creams. If you are someone who doesn't need a lot of coverage, I would recommend this. If you need a lot of coverage for problem areas, like me, I would skip this product and just go with a foundation.

I really like the light texture and the color blends well. It looks sheer and natural, but it provides enough coverage to minimize the redness of slight rosacea patch. I typically use a tinted moisturizer w/SPF 30 and no makeup, and this product would be perfect to me if it had any SPF. Currently I am using another SPF 30 moisturizer and then the BB cream. Which undercuts the skin treatment/benefits of the BB cream. For me this is a very nice tinted moisturizer, but not a complete product.

When you first put this on, it looks really white. Then it starts to change color and blend with your skin tone. It absorbs well and quickly and really is not greasy on the skin. I received the Light BB Cream. The tone looks a bit too yellow on me. I would prefer a more natural pinker tone. The coverage is light. I could still see my dark spots. It did even out my skin tone a bit but I still had to use concealer on my spots. I like that it says it also Corrects but I would have to use it for more time to see if it really does that. I think I would prefer a BB Creme with more coverage power.

I made the mistake of applying too much, I used as I would a moisturizer and found the released pigments a bit too light for my skin (I chose medium). It was only noticeable to me, so maybe I was being overly critical. I did apply it with more care the next time and it was better. I don't wear foundation or powder, so I appreciated that it is very lightweight and not really a makeup makeup, so this is a good product for when I want to do a little coverage yet still look natural. However, even though it's supposedto decrease steps, I would still have to add an spf on top.

While I like the way the BB Cream took the redness out of my face, I don't really like the way it feels. Although it claims to hydrate for all day moisture, it feels dry to me when I put it on. It also doesn't contain any sunscreen which is an issue on days when I am going to be outside with the kids a lot. I feel like I need to put a moisturizer with sunscreen on first which defeats the purpose of having one cream to do everything. I don't want my skin to feel oily throughout the day but with this my skin felt like it had a dry, almost powdery, finish that I didn't enjoy. I'm glad that I got to try the L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream but for right now I will probably stick with my combination foundation/moisturizer. It gives me more moisture with just a touch more color.

Light coverage but offers a pretty finish and has a lovely, creamy consistency. Nice for casual day to day wear!

It makes a good primer and definitely helps make enlarged pores look less noticeable. Goes on smoothly, and didn't cause my skin to break out. It did a pretty good job at automatically matching my skin tone, but didn't provide enough coverage to wear alone. It might for someone with less imperfections?I apply it and then use concealer and mineral makeup powder over it to reduce the shine and add more coverage. I may have set my expectations too high but I felt disappointed with a couple aspects: most importantly, it lacks SPF?I feel strongly about always wearing sunscreen and would have preferred that I not have to add an extra layer. It's just easier and faster when it's combined in my foundation or primer. Also, I'd like if it was more of a matte finish. I tend to have oily skin and when I wore it without powder, I looked shiny. My dream ?Magic BB Cream? would be an all-in-one sunscreen, serum, primer, and mattifying makeup. I still enjoy using it and will buy it again when I spot a great sale and have a coupon!

The coverage was minimal, which would be fine if there weren't imperfections in my skin that I would like to cover up. The finish was a bit shiny, so I needed to not only add a concealer but a powder to get the kind of look I wanted. So overall, the product did not provide what I desire in a BB cream.

I like it as a primer as it reduced the appearance of my pores and definitely cut down on shine that usually appears during the day. The coverage was lighter then I expected so I would not use this to replace my regular foundation. It is good to use on days when I would normally not wear face makeup like running errands, taking kids to school because it smooths out my skintone.

I applied the cream with my fingers like is suggested with most BB Creams. It took very little to cover my entire face but I find that it was not as creamy as my previous one. I also found that it for lack of a better explanation dried pretty fast and once it dried you had to press a little harder to spread it. But once a little was applied it blended nicely and matched my skin tone beautifully. Just to warn you, if you use too much it will have a chalky look to it. There is little to no smell and if you are like me the smell of a product makes a difference. I still need my foundation to provide enough coverage for me to be comfortable but this provided a nice primer. I loved the way it stayed on all day and in turn my foundation last all day too and my face was not oily after a few hours. If applied sparingly it provides smooth even coverage and is very light weight. But I have not seen a huge difference in my skin and it does not provide SPF protection. I don't know if I love the L?Oreal Magic BB Cream because the only magic I see is it doesn't leave my face oily