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  • Gadams By  Gadams    

    Love this product! I have had my bottle for 3 yrs or more. When empty add 10% dawn dish soap fill the rest with water and you are ready to go again. Works great!

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  • Midurimom By  Midurimom    

    I love it. It's the only dish soap I buy and love the foam pump. The bottle stays clean and you don't have to touch it with dirty soapy hands.

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  • jamilea By  jamilea    

    It is a good product and very convenient with the pump attached but it is just as easy to use an old hand soap pump and fill it with dawn from a large bottle. It is also cheaper to do this.

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  • BrandiLin By  BrandiLin    

    I feel that it works, but so does the original. I don't think I would but this kind if it weren't on sale.

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  • monicana By  monicana    

    I LOVE this stuff! My kitchen is never without it. I love that I can put one squirt on a sponge and wash off all the dishes from dinner. It is great on grease and rinses well. I just wish it came in different scents. The only problem I have is that even though you can buy the bigger refill bottle, you still have to replace the pump bottle often. The pump quits working correctly. I wish they would fix that. I might just buy a foam bottle from Williams Sonoma soon. And then I will just buy the big refill bottles.

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  • joaslo By  joaslo    

    Worked great, but I prefer the liquid Dawn.

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  • MiEliDavis By  MiEliDavis    

    This is definately a MONEY saver! Easy to do with any brand of soap, but I think Dawn is the BEST!!!!!

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  • cnhfernando By  cnhfernando    

    Highly Recommend!! I will never use any other dish soap again! This is by far my favorite dish soap ever! I was introduced to it by my mother-in-law, and ever since then I have not used another! It really makes the dishes super clean and not feel greasy! And just one pump of the soap on a sponge last for a long time!

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  • yenta1957 By  yenta1957    

    This REALLY works as states! Great on dishes not done immed! Plus helps enviroment

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  • Shelbs By  Shelbs    

    I love it. it smells great and good to use

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