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  • maiden96 By  maiden96    

    I have always loved Dawn dish washing detergents, but the Direct Foam is my favorite, it just seems to last forever and it cleans everything you want it to. I would never use anything else.

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  • Angel7777 By  Angel7777    

    I like dawn, it does what it says it does,and it's great on grease

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  • MsKatrina By  MsKatrina    

    Dawn Direct Foam is my absolute favorite dish washing detergent. I have this thing about putting my hand in dish water so I never soak my dishes. With Dawn Direct Foam, I don't have too. And I have never made a meal that Dawn couldn't clear off my dishes!

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  • Angelsminx By  Angelsminx    

    Only brand I ever use...

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  • Moochykatt By  Moochykatt    

    Love the pump so I don't slip and drop the bottle in the water! The suds seem to last through all the wash!

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  • tara1sh By  tara1sh    

    This is a must have in my house! No more scrubbing baked on messes, put a bit of this on the pan, add some water and in a few minutes just wipe off! I have told all my friends and family about this product and they all use it now. I love Dawn products.

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  • HumblePie98 By  HumblePie98    

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dawn in the foam pump. It really gets grease. I never need to let my pans soak!

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  • blooravyn By  blooravyn    

    Love this product and a little goes a long way. The only problem is that some stores don't carry it.

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  • mamasue By  mamasue    

    I love this....you end up using less, which equals, less money spent in the long run!

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I enjoy this product. It seems that I use less and get more, and does just a good a job as the regular dish soap. I think its a bit more expensive which is the only problem I have found with it.

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  • nluckett By  nluckett    

    This is the only dish soap I buy. It has been for 3 years now. I love the pump and how It comes out ready to work and get the job done.

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  • GayleAAHR By  GayleAAHR    

    I loved DAWN liquid for the longest time but once I tried this foam, its my new favorite. I hate to run out so keep a back up supply on hand. The packaging is perfect - just a pump works great on a sponge or a pump in the water to take out the grease. Takes so little that the small bottle lasts a long time.

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  • Maryvav57 By  Maryvav57    

    I didn't think I would like this foam dish soap and figured I'd be using more then if I bought the regular liquid. I was sooo wrong. I love the it! I can really cut through some pots and pans with it. You can add it straight to the water for soaking pans or just pump a little on your sponge and go for it.

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  • cryandjoseph By  cryandjoseph    

    i have used this product from the first day it came out..love it and will never change

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  • bettyboop61403 By  bettyboop61403    

    I love foaming soap

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