Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

              Rated #1 in Makeup - Eyes
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One word: OBSESSED. I use this everyday. I got it 8 months ago and it looks like I haven't used any of it yet. My favorite color on this palette is half baked (it's a really bright gold).

omg this is amazing i love the colors they are all the colors i would use!!!! i love the nude look buit a bit spiced up and this does the trick!!!!!

I'm obscessed with nude lips and nude eye looks. This by far is the best palette out there and I should know I own almost every other nude palette out there in other brands but, I always come back to this one. It is great for traveling as well. It's a must have.

This palette is amazing and has everything you need to make neutral looks happen. You can do a nude matte eye to a smoky dark eye and anything in between. It's perfect for day to night looks especially if you do not like using bright crazy colors. The shadows are super pigmented and a little goes a long way (I've had mine for over a year). It also comes with a small bottle of UD primer potion which is the most amazing primer ever.

I love this palette! Its amazing!

I used this product once and regreted it the next day! The colors are really pretty, but after wearing the eyeshadow all evening and washing it off before bed, I woke up with a rash on one of my eyelids. I guess my skin is a little too sensitive for this product.

If you don't have this palette yet, you have been living under a rock! This is a must have neutral tones eyeshadow palette for every age and should be owned by every female or anyone else who loves makeup.

By-far my FAVORITE pallate of shadow in my collection. Used daily it is almost still new. Long lasting, great pigment, dosent crease (when used with a primer) and colors are beautiful. A home run UD!!

Let me start with I love Urban Decay. I've used it for over 13 yrs. However, this palette truly did nothing for me. I have so many others with similar colors that I found myself never using it and leaving it home. Eventually I returned it. It's not a matter of being a bad palette, it's just that I have so many different palettes and colors that I didn't need it. I still would recommend it because it's beautlfully pigmented, soft and easy to blend for many looks, especially for beginners.

I reach for this all of the time. I wasn't going to buy it at first but it is a staple!!

I have been wanting to try this shadows and was not sure rather I would like it so have not purchased it. But now that I have read the reviews I will try.

I got this for Christmas and have been using this for a while since then. I love the colors and all the different combinations you can do with the palette. It's really the perfect palette. Not only do the colors work fantastically and have great pigmentation, but this also comes with a primer which helps the eyeshadows stay all day long. I absolutely love the staying power. I can also go from a soft neutral look to a fun golden look with this palette. I love it!

OMG!! I love this palette! The only thing i dont like its the price!!

Colors are great....I love this in my kit.

i do not have it but i have seen that a lot of people have it so i am planning on getting it becasue this is so useful and the best colors