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Im not the biggest Walmart fan. The stores in my area are always over crowded and the cashiers are never friendly. I use coupons frequently and the Walmarts in our area are not coupon friendly at all. Honestly I can get better prices and nicer cashiers at CVS or Kroger.

walmart is a decent place to shop . the selection is a little limited though.

It's the cheapest place to shop and they know it so they are trying to jack up the prices so they can make more profit or money. they do have some good deals in the store depending on what you are looking for.

Can you say horrible customer service!?!? If it werent forr the fact that I really cant save money if I shop anywhere else I wouldnt go there to shop at all..... Selection- 5 stars, overall rating- 0 stars.

Okay I love Walmart and yes I enjoy free samples just like most people do. I would shop at Walmart before I would go anywhere else. On another note I do not like how they treat there Employee's at all. Yes, it's a busyness but, they really need to learn to speak and treat there employee's with respect. You don't hire new people and start them off making the same amount as people that have been there for a year or so it's wrong. Yes I do know what I say to be a fact. I will still shop there cause of there low prices but, they need to change the way they treat people.

You have to pay attention when you shop at Walmart. I'm an online shopper as there are none close to me anymore. I only went on there to shop as a relative gave me gift cards for a present at Christmas. I wasn't sure what I wanted but narrowed it down to an mp3 player. I wasn't sure which one though. So as I agonized over my decision I would go on daily and I was amazed by what I found. Over the period of about 2 months I watched one particular mp3 player go from $39.98 all the way down to $22.98. Then it was gone. I was kicking myself. Well lo and behold the same item popped back up at $36.98. Hmmm... It pays to pay attention. That said I finally ended up buying an all in one printer due to necessity. I got a great deal with ther deal of the day. Less than $50 for a $90 machine shipped. I also ordered a cable and a football jersey. All of these were shipped lightning fast and without incident so I give them credit in that department. They are not my first choice of retailer but if you pay attention you can get some great deals at times.

I just heard in the news they have increased their prices dramatically over the past year, as they continue to talk about cutting prices. You get the impression they have low prices but if you pay close attention you can tell they are quietly raising the prices to match standard grocery store prices. They should just advertise and not keep saying lower prices, when they are creeping up.

I don't consider myself a crusader (at least not since the sixties), but the practices of Wal-Mart's corporate just make my blood boil. I don't go there anymore. I know that they are cheap and it is 1 of 3 stores here, so I will have to pay more. So be it. Can one person make a difference? Maybe only to myself.

I use to be in walmart all the time, i guess you could say it was my favorite superstore but not anymore there are several registers and only a few open at a time this causees you to be in the store twice as long than you planned which is very annouying we spend more time on line than we do shopping

I am so glad I checked this discussion out, I just requested my free samples from Wal-Mart, this is awesome!!!!

Walmart experiences for me vary from store to store. I could not review Walmart as a whole because of this. As an experienced shopper and shopping blogger, if it were the only store in my town, I would however feel satisfied that I was getting the lowest or near the lowest prices for every category of product. If I were in a big city with lots of grocery store competition, BUT only wanted to shop one store per week for convenience sake, I would shop Walmart. Personally, my neighborhood Walmart is a store I avoid at all costs. But I will drive 20 miles out of my way to visit a "lovely" Walmart to get the fantastic prices AND have a nice shopping experience.

Shop here all the time, great prices for a family on a budget. If you need help finding something, forget it, staff is unfriendly and not helpful at all! I realize they probably don't get paid that well, but it's your job to provide customer service. I also don't agree with the way they treat their vendors and have heard negative comments regarding the treatment of female employees. If those few issues would get resolved, I would rate Walmart @ 5 stars because of their selection and their prices.



The everything store. I like the free stuff also.