L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation

L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation

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I didn't care for it. The color matched just right but not happy that there is no sunscreen in it. While I wear a moisturizer with sunscreen I also like my foundation to have it as well. It felt like I was putting whipped crisco on my face but after some time it wasn't oily feeling. I couldn't put it near my eyes as it made my eye makeup smear. It has no coverage, very sheer. Just not for me. Sorry.

I liked the powdery, light feel of the makeup on my skin. The sunscreen added in the foundation was an added benefit. My fine lines are less noticeable as well.

My skin felt soft. The foundation felt lightweight. I did not like the color it did not match my skin tone and it did not cover up the redness in my skin.

I'm a 52 year old woman with visible age spots but when I tried the L'Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation a miracle happened, my skin looked flawless as if I never had age spots. The color was the same match as my skin tone so you would never know I had foundation on and the good thing about it (in my situation) I never had to re-apply throughout the day, and its been hot here where I live. So I'm happy happy and will buy again.

I only were foundation on special occasions, but I wanted to give this a try on a daily basis. It went on nicely and I could feel my skin toning up, so to speak. It did take away some crows feet and toned down my bags. It didn't feel like I was wearing foundation, forgot it was on. I didn't like that it didn't match my skin tone very well, after day three at dinner time, I looked in the mirror and saw blotches, made me nervous, so I discontinued use. Overall, I fee it did what it was suppose to, not sure if I was alergic

Like wearing your natural skin with a little help. The look is flawlessly smoothe and soft as silk. No need to worry about blending because this product has all the help you need built in for a stunning complexion with ease!

Wow This product is really special its so light and breathable. The color blends in with no effort. Your skin will look years younger. I highly recommend this product.

This is seriously amazing foundation. Replaced moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer with this one product!

I loved this, it didn't feel like I was wearing make up at all. but my skin looked really good it is light weight and gives me that life I need.

I didn't like the greasy feel when first applying it did feel better when it dried light weight but in the warm weather it was greasy and smudgy at times would be better for me in cooler weather . But it did make my skin feel softer

I like the way this stuff feels and goes on so smoothly. It reminds me of my tinted super goop. It has great coverage without heaviness.

I agree tha this made my skin look pretty close to flawless, buy I didn't like the look of being very "made up" versus the more natural look my other foundation provides.

I was amazed at how soft my skin felt! I felt the colour was a tad dark for my colour but it blended out wonderfully. I thought it's light weight formula and fragrance was refreshing. I am definitely going to keep using this! L'Oreal comes through again on product quality!

I am African American with a carmel skin tone. I got the darkest tone they had. While it went on wonderfully smoothly it left an ashy/ chalky undertone. I'm guessing it was not made for darker skin tones.

I absolutely give this foundation 5 stars. It went on so smoothly when I applied it. It really did make my skin appear flawless. The color matched my skin perfectly. The foundation doesn't feel heavy or look caked on. It really allows my skin to breathe & feels so silky. It lasted all day long without having to re-apply it. This is my favorite new foundation & I highly recommend it!