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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I have loved Cheerios my entire life and the Honey Nut ones are real yummy!!

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  • rosepowell By  rosepowell    

    I recently changed my eating habits in efforts to get back in physical shape, one of my new purchases ( and I don't typically eat cereal or buy cereal for myself), for myself and the kids usually get all of that sugary stuff... But they all devoured my HNC and left one bowl for me LOL! I'd say it was good.

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  • ANemeth By  ANemeth    

    I, well i should say we, in my household all can agree on at least one cereal everytime we are at the store and it is honey nut cherrios!!! My husband is such a picky eater and I have a 2 year old that falls into the same catergory and we always have it on hand. My husband and daughter both love this as a snack and I can always eat it as my breakfast!!!

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    i love this cerial i have it everyday.

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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    This is one of my favorite cereals! I love the cheerios line of cereals. I also recommend multi-grain! :)

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  • JDucl1982 By  JDucl1982    

    Buy this in bulk and love it with milk or plain in a plastic bag as a snack. I have even made "rice krispie" like bars with these as well and drizzled them with chocolate or added chocolate chips to them.

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  • sturkie1 By  sturkie1    

    Great snack for me and my toddler.

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  • fas5904 By  fas5904    

    Absolutely delightful! Great taste and healthy for you. They are great with or without milk, for a snack or for breakfast. The price is also great because they are generally lower than some other brands.

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  • steph3xo By  steph3xo    

    One of my favorite cereals! So good, and good for you.

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  • Jeanneotz By  Jeanneotz    

    One cereal everyone agrees that they like.

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  • bobbittsara By  bobbittsara    

    They are great and my kids love them. Its also an easy snack for little ones. I would love them even more if they weren't so sweet, but overall I'd give them 5 stars.

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  • Melissa66 By  Melissa66    

    My household loves this cereal. The flavor is great and it has health benefits from being an oat based cereal. I hope they never change it.

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  • magdog1 By  magdog1    

    I meant 4 stars going along with my last comment.

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  • sweetbear2 By  sweetbear2    

    My husband and I both love Honey Nut Cheerios. We also like to eat them right out of the box for a snack!

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  • mylife By  mylife    

    I purchase this for my son he enjoys it

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