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  • mevsthree mevsthree

    Love the Boppy pillow

    I love my Boppy nursing pillow. I've had two throughout my three kids; it is an absolute must have. Especially if you are a c section mommy like me. It makes breastfeeding so much easier! You can also use it as a way to prop up baby and use it as a seat, or just a way to hold baby. I love it. I'd highly recommend getting a couple covers.
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  • gjet68 By  gjet68    

    I LOVE this product. We have one for m 7 month old Granddaughter, she was a preemie and since she couldnt sit up as early as other babies because of her prematurity this worked well to keep her propped up. She still enjoys lying on it. She has reflux and cannot lie flat to sleep so we prop her up on her boppy during the daytime when we can watch her, to sleep. Love it and will get another one for our next grandchild due in July!


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