Crayola  Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

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I have fond memories of using this chalk as a child. It always is a fun activity too do.

We have a long paved driveway so i buy this chalk and we go outside on nice days and color for hours. I used to use crayola chalk when i was a kid. When it rains it washes away and we do it again!

this is one creative thing among others kids can enjoy and just have fun from crayola

When I bring out the bucket of Crayola Sidewalk Chalk the giggles begin. The kids love it. They spend hours drawing on the driveway and sidewalk making an art gallery. They make me stay on the porch and when they are done the grab me by the hand so we can go walk around to each piece of art and they can tell me all about it. I love that it lets them be creative and it is easy to clean.

Crayola is an incredible product. My 3 year old and I spend hours drawing on the sidewalk with crayola sidewalk chalk. We both enjoy it and it washes off so easily.

My children play for hours with this sidewalk chalk. The colors are bright and seem to last forever and the carrying case is great for clean up and play.

Use to play with these when i was a kid loved them

This chalk is great. My kids love it. The handy carrying case makes it great to take on the go to keep my kids entertained. The 52 chalk sticks provide color selection and spark their creativity. I also enjoy using this chalk. All chalk is messy, but this one was not too messy. Easy to clean up, washed right off my pavement.

This is one of the best things a child could play with. There are so many games once created by a small piece of chalk.. My grandchildren and I play these games that have been around since I was young and I refuse to divulge that I turned 56 today 3/27/12. For starters there is the always anywhere game of hopscotch ( we chnage some things so the toddlers can play--like draw apples, faces cars etc so they can recognize the space)..there is marbles..We use chalk and draw 5 circles 1 inside of one another to see who scores the most pts. each circle is worth 5pt starting from large to small --the smallest one inside is worth 25pts so it would be 5 10 15 if the kids are too small for marbles plastic lids half dollar size work great..We do yet another game and it is fun and educational..we play sidewalk Chalkguy..we draw a figure using 2 straight lines and play it just like hangman..( I just don't care for the name so I changed it to Chalkguy) These are all FAMILY oriented and even grandma & pa can play !!

Best chalk - great selection of colors and my son can carry the box by himself. Not overly messy and easy enough to erase.

This is one of our favorite things to do outside. We play hopscotch, write our names, draw pictures. This is the best toy my granddaughter and I share.

this is a great item to have and take with you where ever you go. great case and great colors! keeps the kids busy for a long time.

My kids love this chalk! it is a very bright color

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk is not only a staple instock must have item for our's the only brand we will use! The chalk provides tons of fun for kids, but hey us grown up's use it too! The chalk holds up well... Washes off with ease.. and I am confident that whoever uses this chalk will enjoy using it without possibly being harmed by what it's made with! That puts my mind at ease!

This is great sidewalk chalk! My son enjoys being outside and playing many different things. He loves to sit and draw roads with chalk as well as make pictures!