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US Weekly Magazine

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I love this gossip magazine! Great pictures and stories. Keeps me up-to-date with what's happening with the celebrities.

Contains more pictures then it does stories, Not saying it is a bad thing, But gives me something to do while waiting at the doctor's office.

love to read this magazine. all kinds of great info.

Great magazine. I get these for free, so I look through them when I have time. This magazine is entertaining. :)

This is an ok gossip mag. I've found that it will say that it's an exclusive or something but when you read it it's a really no big type article or just about what someone is thinking of doing, not what they've actually done.

I not big on gossip magazines but this one I like!!

This is one of the best magazine. It has good stories and up to date information. It also has a good price.

I heart US Weekly. It is my go-to magazine for the latest in celebrity news and trends. I love their stories and articles. They are always timely with their covers and relevant to what's happening in celebrity news.

US Weekly is such a fun magazine!!! I'm not sure they have there facts correct most of the time, most it's still really entertaining

My all time addictions who doesn't love celebrity gossip....if you say you can't stand gossip then you must be living in a box....

great pictures and articles.

I think magazines like this are crap! They don't provide the reader with any real information. Only about 1/2 of what is said in these things is true, and our mass consumption of this magazine and others like it, is the reason the papparazzi go so stark raving mad to get any shot of a celebrity that they can!