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  • mscupcakegirl By  mscupcakegirl    

    Cute movie

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  • Sugarpuff By  Sugarpuff    

    When this movie came out, I was instantly excited for it, since I am an Amy Adams fan, but as I got into it,I fell in love! I loved the characters, the plots, and of course ... the music! It's such a fun movie and my daughter and I watch it all the time still. She loves princesses and she loves to dance and sing to the music, as do I. All in all a great movie! Cute, funny, family fun!

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  • happyjen By  happyjen    

    When my daughter got me to rent this one and watch it with her I really didnt want to. I thought it would be stupid but ended up really liking it! Great movie to watch with your daughters!!!

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    I liked this movie but by the end i was wishing it was over.

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  • enksmommy By  enksmommy    

    Cute movie. Girls liked it, Sweet story. Nice to offer a "romance" that is clean and appropriate for younger kids.

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  • ruthhill74 By  ruthhill74    

    I loved it! Disney, please make more movies like this. This is what we want! Music, romance, and good clean fun! And a villain to boot!

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  • Marie12345 By  Marie12345    

    This is such a good movie. The music is awesome and it's so cute and funny! You have to see it!

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  • amy0901 By  amy0901    

    Cute movie, my daughter loves it (4 years old) but I agree that the end can be scary for kids. Overall, we loved it.

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