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  • ndas064 By  ndas064    

    I refer to ALLURE as my beauty bible. When ever I purchase a product Allure rates highly or gives their seal of approval, I'm confident that the product will live up to it's hype. I've been a subscriber for as long as I can remember. I love it!

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  • meggerhun By  meggerhun    

    Loooooooooove Allure! We even use it at work to give us story ideas. Love!

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  • fatheaddog By  fatheaddog    

    Allure is a fun read for makeup, lotions and other beauty products. I personally don't care for the makeup application tips, but appreciate the variety of content they offer.

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  • makeupandfashion By  makeupandfashion    

    i love this magazine!

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  • aprilsbaby3 By  aprilsbaby3    

    i loooooove this magazine! its filled with so much great stuff and cool pictures. The stories are entertaining to read and just about everything in it is usefull. this mag gives tips on dieting, exercise, makeup, hair, perfumes, clothes, the job, parties, and relationships. i read every page religiously every month and usually rip out pages to put in a binder i have or on my closet door. and it costs about $1 an issue.

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