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  • AnEverydayJen By  AnEverydayJen    

    I really liked the concept but was a bit disappointed. The product is quite bulky and unattractive (I know, its the shower, but still...). It does seem to spray the shower fully, but almost too well as there have been a few times I was outside of the shower feeling the cleaner rain down on me from over top of the shower door. And maybe we just have too much shower traffic (5 people) but I just didn't see a huge benefit from it. I knew I would still need to clean regularly, but was figuring it wouldn't be so intensive, but unfortunately it was.

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  • bobbie48 By  bobbie48    

    It was ok but stopped using,nothing like elbow grease to get the job done

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  • mariedmandi By  mariedmandi    

    It works ok...but you have to replace the batteries pretty frequently. it has the typical scrubbing bubbles smell which I like. I use this once a week just to help keep our shower clean and I need to replace the batteries once every 2 mo.

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  • rebecca_reichert By  rebecca_reichert    

    I guess this works really depending on your shower. I don't really think it every really did all that much for me but it is a nice idea!

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  • Busyb4thm By  Busyb4thm    

    I hated this. I was sorry I bought it. It didnt get my shower as clean as I expected. I was still in there at least twice a week doing a deep clean to my shower.

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  • pinkadidas178 By  pinkadidas178    

    I got this when it first came out and also got the new one with the booster buttons. I think they work great. This definitely doesnt replace cleaning your shower but it does help elongate the time between cleanings and keeps hard water at bay. This is a good buy to have and there are lots of coupons for the refill bottles.

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  • hindsangelaj By  hindsangelaj    

    works okay...not sure if it's worth the money though

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  • yenta1957 By  yenta1957    

    Great concept + seemed to work when new, batteries died + ven with new ones couldn't get it to work again. Even soaked sprayer in vinegar/ water mix with no luck

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  • celler By  celler    

    My friedn has. I really want so my shower is clean an smells great hassle free!

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  • ciegleparis By  ciegleparis    

    What a waste of money! The idea is really great, but the product itself doesn't work as promised. It's an nifty sprayer that you trip to spray the shower walls right after you finish your shower. The sprayer really does spray all around the shower walls. The solution, however, makes an utter mess of your shower walls. I tried it in a newly rebuilt apartment with a brand new shower on city water. I made certain that the shower walls started out sparkling shiny clean, and always tripped it right after I finished showering when the walls were still wet. After the first bottle of solution, I had to spend forty-five minutes hand scrubbing to clean the shower back up, as the solution had coated my shower walls with a dull, yucky coating. Thank to the great sprayer gizmo, it was over every inch of the shower walls, too. Threw the whole thing away, I was so disgusted with the results. I wouldn't recommend this cleaner to anyone.

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  • Kristi By  Kristi    

    Me, my mother, and my sister all had one of these. It does work good, but you have to replace the batteries constantly. That gets very expensive. We all quit using it because of this.

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  • sbushnick By  sbushnick    

    this thing is amazing!! definitely works and saves you from cleaning your shower yourself (for a while anyway)! smells great and so easy to use. so worth the money! i am a big fan!

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  • mkhohn By  mkhohn    

    i have an octogon shaped shower and it works great on it

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  • kateyhz By  kateyhz    

    not very good - might be okay for very small shower stall - walls need to be really wet or else you just get sticky drip marks - also worried about the chemicals

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    This product was a horrible waste of my money and I wish I had never purchased it. I usually love scrubbing bubbles products too!

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