Audrey Niffenegger The Time Traveler's Wife

Audrey Niffenegger The Time Traveler's Wife

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This is my favorite book! The movie was o.k.,but lacked a lot from the book. I hated that in the movie they changed the ending.

a little bit confusing... but i saw the movie so i understood

Enjoyed the book. Not so much the movie.

Loved this book and have reread it multiple times since I first bought it, which was around 2004. Not a fan of the movie; it didn't capture the feel of the book, but that is a hard task!

I really enjoyed this book. I thought I might not especially being the concept of the book and the thickness. I thought there would be alot of fluff. There was not and it was interesting the whole way through. I also liked how the author let the main characters tell how they felt in the same time frames. The characters felt like real people. The book was waaaaayyy better than the movie.

Loved this story - definitely a book worth buying and reading again and again. I have not seen the movie and probably won't because I enjoy the story so much the way it is!

Loved it!!! So good that I dont wanna watch the movie, I like the way it played out on the pages and in my head!

I enjoyed this book. I've always been intrigued by the possibility of time travel, but the thought of it occurring of its own volition, without a 'time machine' or any effort involved, is a bit disturbing. I guess that's what makes it an interesting story to - the problems that could (and do, in the novel) arise are potentially quite serious. Because I'm a life-long romantic, my favorite part was at the end (SPOILER ALERT) when she is elderly and waiting for him to return. It's as though she's spent all the years waiting, waiting, knowing that she'd see him one more time, just not knowing when. That's what's kept her alive. Brought tears to my eyes. I've heard that the movie version leaves this very important scene out - that's one reason I won't see the movie. I did find the book entertaining, however, and a good read.

Wonderful story line, but quite vulgar. Overall, if you can skip some explicit scenes, it was an amazing story!

Good Book!

I didn't think it was too too long (i've read longer) and it didn't drag on too much, but there were times during my reads where I would roll my eyes. I'm sorry it's been a while since I read it, but I was like "this again?" or "C'mon!! Really?" I guess I'm a little more based in reality. I agree with Jere2911 just above about all the sex, there was a lot of intimacy over and over and over that didn't pertain. great review Jere2911, I agree.

I was not a fan of this book. I liked the premise of it, and I'm sure there was a good story there, but I couldn't find it among all the sex. I liked the characters at first, but I grew to dislike them as the story went on. I didn't feel it was about love, just lust and inevitability. I love to read, but I felt cheated out of my $14 I paid for this book.

I love this book and I read it again every year.