Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

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I love the small travel size that this came to me in. Perfect for my purse or baby bag. The smell is nice and the product works pretty well. Next best thing to an iron.

I already had some of this product in my house. It works well when you don't have time to iron and an item isn't too wrinkly. I like the way it smells too, helps freshen up clothes you are rewearing.

I hate to iron so this is great for me

Works pretty well!

this product works :) I like the whole concept of spraying on the clothes to get rid of the wrinkles other than taking your time and ironing. It's fast and smells pretty good.

Love it! I have purchased this product before and rely on it heavily. WIsh it would take out some of the more difficult wrinkles. It isn't a replacement for the iron but a go to when i'm running late and must wear those pants or that top. A neatly pressed outfit is much better, but who has anytime to press clothing??? I get somewhat nervous on delicate fabrics but really like it.

I love this little bottle! What an easy to use product. It's small enough to travel with, so it's come on several business trips already and I've purchased more.... I don't think I would go back to ironing every thing again any time soon! I also like how the clothes smell fresh and clean after being sprayed.

i cant wait to get this to try i get kids a going in the morning and this would help so much

I hate ironing it takes too long this spray work so well and takes barely anytime

I LOVE this Downy Wrinkle Releaser!!! My favorite was that It works fabulously on draped rayon tops that are difficult to iron smooth! Just spray, shake and wear...doesn't get much easier than that! I purchased one for my daughter who's in college...she loves how simple it is for de-wrinkling her dresses and shirts without needing to fuss with finding a little floor space in her dorm while attempting to use a regular iron.

I think that this product is fabulous. I also keep a bottle in my car. I use it to get rid of the wrinkles that seat belts cause. When I'm dressed up for special occasions and get creases from the seat belts this saves me.

Smells great, works great, I love all the downy products the stand up to what they say, It works!

Use this all the time, and it really works well.

We have been using this product for awhile now and I love how it works. The only thing I dislike about it is the smell when you first spray it on, once it dries the smell isn't strong and I can deal with it.

This works well on lightly wrinkled items. I hate ironing! Love this product. Very easy to use.