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  • TheMobilityMom By  TheMobilityMom    

    flavor in a bottle

    This is one of my favorite drinks to get when I am unable to get to Starbucks. It is a full flavor drink that leaves me satisfied. I like when they are on sale and I can stock up. Definitely my go to drink.

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  • LadyAvon By  LadyAvon    


    It's a little weak. Could add more flavor! Priced high.

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  • Dollydog By  Dollydog    

    Love this drink! It's a very cool way to get your coffee fix on a hot day! Very yummy and refreshing.

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  • tasha46126 By  tasha46126    

    I did not like this drink it was way too strong of a coffee flavor for me i like my coffee to taste sweet.

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  • jgreenhood By  jgreenhood    

    Love the flavor, but not the sugar. I personally try to stay away from sugar as much as possible. Although these do taste great they are just too sweet for my taste.

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  • hca2b3 By  hca2b3    

    Great for on-the-go mornings for me and not too pricey

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  • jacezara23 By  jacezara23    

    It may not be the blended version like Starbucks, but this product never seems to fail. Flavor is good, and there are so many different varieties to choose from. Try put it in the blender with a little ice, or pour it over ice with some whipped cream. It'll taste like a real blended frappacino.

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  • MamaHerr By  MamaHerr    

    LOVE these drinks! Such a simple way to get your Starbucks fix in right at home. I drank these all throughout high school and college!

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  • Nono79 By  Nono79    

    I absolutely love these drinks. Priced very fairly. Just wished they come up with a few extra flavors.

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  • kam180 By  kam180    

    Love Starbucks Frappucino bottled drinks! So convenient at work for a quick pick me up!

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  • Burch3 By  Burch3    

    The best on the go coffee! I want one everyone I see it in the store. It is so delicious.

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  • tired4mommy By  tired4mommy    

    The best iced coffee when your on the run and can't get to Starbucks. The price is also nice on the wallet.

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  • embracespectrum By  embracespectrum    

    If you're craving Starbucks and you're nowhere near one, this will do in a pinch. It's not as good as what you'll get when you go to to get a fresh brewed cup, but it's a good substitution.

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  • Softkitty86 By  Softkitty86    

    Love love love! I'm so glad you can buy these in the store in the four pack which is so much cheaper to buy than going to Starbucks. Just wish they had more flavors.....

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  • twinmom4 By  twinmom4    

    I love this drink it compares to the actual companys drink. im glad i can get them in the grocery store at a decent price

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