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  • tiffie By  tiffie    

    They're OKAY... they stay leak proof until your child continuously bites down on the nipple, then it just spills EVERYWHERE!

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  • nakedeye89 By  nakedeye89    

    i tried and tried to like them but after a few washes the nipple wear down and the cup begins to leak. messy messy messy

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  • ilovemydogmorethanyou By  ilovemydogmorethanyou    

    Works great, durable, and very affordable.

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  • miamidiva16 By  miamidiva16    

    i have used these sippy cups with my two kids and wouldn't change it for any other brand! Works great!

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  • heidy91 By  heidy91    

    My Lil girl love this cup plus is super cheap

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  • Jasmine1011 By  Jasmine1011    

    Oh my I loved these little cups unfortunately my son is no longer on a sippy cuo but I am expecting and I would still consider any nuby producct, they are great and they last forever i took my son off of the bottle when he was only 5 months and he was on sippy cups since, until about a few months ago he just recently stopped but I believe it is a great product and I would diffinitly recomend

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  • AubsMom By  AubsMom    

    I did not care for these at all. They do leak / spill. They did not do well as training cups for my daughters. They bit/chewed on the top which made them just spill all over their clothes. The hard tops work much better for us.

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  • jkelly821 By  jkelly821    

    I have used these cups with both of my children. I personally have never had issues with excessive or obnoxious amounts of leaking or nipples getting sucked in. In fact, these are the only sippy cups my daughter would drink from instead of use as a chew toy-and believe me, I bought several to try out, and from more expensive, affluent brands. Nuby is phenomenal at pleasing their customers, and would seriously suggest that those who have complaints about leaks (I think minor ones can be expected) and durability to consult their customer service, and to get an even quicker response, their Facebook page. They are on top of their game when it comes to trying to maintain a positive reputation.

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  • Sunflowerally22 By  Sunflowerally22    

    Cheap..but the nipple on these gets sucks in and wont release once my toddler drinks out of it once...its the oddest thing.. i have to open the cup to release the suction so the nipple pops up.. she can pull out the nipple and gets herself covered in milk/juice all the time.The nipples are super hard to clean, milk can get stuck in the spout part.. i use q-tips to clean it but that;s a waste.. they need a redo of these cups.

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  • kelmar29 By  kelmar29    

    I like these cups..the price is good also...they do leak but u get what u pay for!

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  • WEMAKE7 By  WEMAKE7    

    Cheap to buy and that's the problem, they leak all over the place. I'd rather spend the extra money to buy something better.

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    I like this product . Easy for your child to hold. They are decently priced and have found them to be spill proof.

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  • ncmomlear By  ncmomlear    

    Okay cup in a crunch, but it leaks. Also, the tip is really soft and silicon, causing lots of kids to chew on it and rip the mouth piece.

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  • Christy05 By  Christy05    

    My nephew has these sippy cups. I do not like them. If they suck to hard the mouth piece caves in.

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  • icysupreme By  icysupreme    

    My son is 5 months and we started him out with this cup. He loves it! It leaks a little bit but great for the price

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