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  • Cassmari By  Cassmari    

    I have this in Adventurous and love it. The only thing I don't like is how light the colors actually look on the skin.

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  • tufftiff By  tufftiff    

    Like this shadow, the colors are awesome and very diff which is nice! But i wish they came in a single shadow Because some of the combo dont work for me but one does!! Overall nice shadow!! Love

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  • Smgssg By  Smgssg    

    I did not like this product. I found it hard to apply and blend and it crumbled very easy. I am in my 40's and I thought it made fine lines very easy to notice.

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    Very pigmented. Lovely color selection. Would probably be more practical depotted as the packaging is rather bulky. Has a mirror in the back and a small spongetip applicator which can be useful at times but for the most part it just takes up unecessary room. It's rather expensive for a drug store item but it's worth it. More worth it when its on sale.

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  • RandieConlon1 By  RandieConlon1    

    OMGoodness!!! I love love love this shadow. The colors are so bright and stay that way. By far one of my top 5 drugstore favorites.

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  • samamfee1 By  samamfee1    

    If you want your eyes to pop. This will do it.

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  • JessB530 By  JessB530    

    The colors were not nearly as vibrant as they looked in the container. Plus they didn't blend very well.

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I was a little disappointed in this eye shadow. I have it in a green duo and felt like the colors did not go on as pigmented as I expected. The shadow stays on well but just isn't what I was expecting.

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  • keandra90 By  keandra90    

    This eyeshadow is so great it is extra pigmented its a great exchange for mac eye shadows I love it

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  • tiffanyvsrobot By  tiffanyvsrobot    

    I got this thinking it would be brilliantly bright. The color came out pretty, but soft. I was disappointed.

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  • Bu-T-QeeN By  Bu-T-QeeN    

    Mac is great but the eyeshadow let me down a little.... mainly because I prefer my eyeshadow not to be so powdery.....

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  • faerica7 By  faerica7    

    I do personally use HIP, as they do have a very blendable and smooth application, and good color payoff, but when using a good primer, the cheaper Elf and LA colors shadows perform just as well for me. If I LOVE a color I buy it, I would not purchase just for the brand though.

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  • bethbr00tality By  bethbr00tality    

    My boyfriend uses and LOVES these! I'd compare them to Urban Decay eyeshadows. The colors are amazing and very pigmented (use a primer if you're having problems). I don't personally use them, as L'Oreal tests on animals, but I can vouch for their staying power & color payoff because my boyfriend does use them.

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  • ITZthemusic By  ITZthemusic    

    I'm OBSESSED with these eyeshadows, I own almost every set! Some are more pigmented then others, but with a good primer, and a couple coats i call it good!

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  • naikgee By  naikgee    

    I have the HIP eyeliner in Eggplant. It's smooth, soft and goes on very easily BUT the pigmentation is just not enough. You have to apply at least 3 times to actually see the pretty eggplant color. I still like the product.

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