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  • Synistrugane By  Synistrugane    

    I had this perfume a year and a half ago and it smelled amazing. I miss it a lot and I think I'd go back to Macy's and buy some more lol I'm happy I came across this!

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  • karen4533001 By  karen4533001    

    Bought this perfume years ago, and am still buying it today. My daughter first brought this to my attention. Loved it on her, and think it"s even better on me.

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  • Spope7661 By  Spope7661    

    I LOVE THIS PERFUME!!! This is my signature scent - it is so soft and it smells so nice. It works with any mood or outfit

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  • JanaDH By  JanaDH    

    I love this perfume! It is such a nice soft and powdery smell.

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  • mallikarjuna By  mallikarjuna    

    I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy the creamy, powdery aroma

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  • Shop28 By  Shop28    

    I think Cashmere Mist smells like clothes that have just come out of the dryer- it is a soft and comfy scent. The one thing I do notice is that, much like other perfumes, a little goes a long way. More than one spritz of Cashmere Mist can be overpowering. But I truly do enjoy this scent and have worn it several times since it came on the market.

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  • primprincess By  primprincess    

    I love, love, love the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant.

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  • FREEFLY100 By  FREEFLY100    

    Great, feminine scent. It's so appealing and soft smelling, I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy the creamy, powdery aroma.

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  • mgeaux By  mgeaux    

    I got this as a sample and gave it to my mom she just loves it. It has a great light sent not overpowering at all but just subtle enough to stay with you. A great choice for someone who is hard to buy for but you want to get them something of quality!

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  • Tkingston By  Tkingston    

    I've been using this for over a year. I love it. It smells soft and feminine without smelling like a like kid.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I sprayed this on myself and I almost gagged. they say that perfume smells different on everyone. however this one just isn't for me.

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  • sweettart501 By  sweettart501    

    Wonderful long lasting scent and not too overpowering. Love it!! just wish it wasn't so pricey.

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  • christinabee By  christinabee    

    I'm a very sensitive person when it comes to smells. I can't stand to wear anything that's too strong or floraly. Cashmere Mist is the one perfume that I can wear, though AND not get a headache! It's great!

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  • Bemafor2 By  Bemafor2    

    A soft and elegant fragrance.

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  • cherigon By  cherigon    

    casual, everyday scent- perfect for the fall and winter.

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