Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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Mr Clean works on my nurses shoes and scrubs. I use Mr Clean Erasers on my Nurse shoes and they look new again. LOVE this product for cleaning my house as well it quickly removes cat hair and lint from my nurse scrubs with just a quick wipe! 5 stars from this tired nurse who likes to work smarter not harder.

This is a miracle I love magic erasers! They are a necessity for all the messes the kids make. And they are the only thing that work on my glass shower walls to get the hard water spots off.

Love these Love these really helpful with tough cleaning works great on ovens cleaning sports shoes tough cleaning projects

Cleans Good This magic eraser by Mr. Clean works really well. The durability of the eraser sponge is good. It really does clean the surface and not a lot of scrubbing is needed. Definitely recommend.

I've been using Mr eraser for years and love it I have been using Mr eraser for years. It truly cleans everything from tennis shoes to your refrigerator. It really is like magic my kids say. It's amazing how it just works with water and gets everything cleaned and stains removed.

Best Wall Cleaner This takes candle smoke off the walls! I couldn't believe it.

Easy To Use I first began using this product to remove pencil marks next to the pencil sharpener on the block walls of my classroom. (Seemed Middle Schoolers could not resist a blank wall.) I use this in my home and found it works well. My only complaint is sometimes there is some white residue left behind and depending on the surface the pad breaks down easily.

Good, but strange These clean great, but I removed a star just because I absolutely can not stand the texture of the sponges.

Not worth the money They do not clean anything soap and water will not clean, and they fall apart when rubbed for a short period of time. Once I realized it was a weak sort of buffer, with respect, I tried a white rectangle nail buffer on the glass top stove we had and it took off what the Mr. Clean pads would not, easily. It did not scratch the surface. Maybe if the price were lower.

Mr.Clean Erasers is the Best I love Mr. Clean Erasers. They bring my coffee and tea cups back to new. Cleans everything so much quicker than a regular sponge.

Amazing little eraser! It cleans everything! It cleans grime, crayon marks of the walls, stains on the couch. This is the best little invention. We recently moved into a smoker's home and it cleaned areas with smoke build up.

Magic these are! Love these erasers! They remove almost all that can't be removed with other cleaning methods. They will scratch some services so testing inconspicuous area is necessary.

LOVE THESE I have bought these in the past and have absolutely loved them! They are one of the most perfect cleaning tools.

Great I love these and use them to clean a lot of different things. I do wish they didn't come apart so easily but at least they're cheap enough to buy a few packs.

The Best Remover for the Worst Grime!! This is one of my absolute FAVES!!! Quite often there are stubborn spots that no matter how hard you scrub or how much elbow grease I have had to invest in the most stubborn caked on grease, smudges, or marks Mr. Clean eraser is a fantastic product to have on hand. Somehow it gets those hard to get marks cleaned up with ease. I ALWAYS buy the variety pack!