Schick Intuition Plus Razor

Schick Intuition Plus Razor

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This was by far my favorite shaver. But it's a little pricey for blades which lately has caused me to go between this and disposable razors.

Amazing smooth shave This is my absolute favorite razor. I do not recommend for bikini line but for underarms and legs this razor works magic. Just wet it and start shaving for a smooth gliding shave with no extra shave gel or cream, easy as pie.

Intuition I did not like this razor! Seemed like the "shave cream" always breaks off in the middle of shaving causing scratches and cuts to skin

hmm.... not sure about this product love! but i have only been using a week and the shave gel around the blade is almost gone... seems like it is a waste to throw the entire razor away...

Silky Legs By far my favorite razor! The soap bar makes your legs really smooth and as long as you take care of your razors, they last for a really long time.

I tried this for the first time 3 days ago and I was extremely impressed. What a lovely shave I got. My skin never felt so smooth.

awesome razor I love this razor. I never use any other. I love it because I never cut my legs

I have no clue where the good ratings come from for these. There are huge flaws in the design. These are all the cons: -When you originally use the razor it has a huge chunk of solid lotion surrounding the razor, which actually gets in the way of shaving. I had to go over the same spots repeatedly because huge areas were missed. - The lotion disintegrates TOO fast, which makes too much slipperiness- I almost cut myself numerous times because the razor was sliding all over the place (and we all know what happens when a razor is moved sideways or at an angle instead of up and down- ouch!) -You can't get the hair out of it because you can't tap the razor or it falls off (it's very flimsy), and running it under water washes away a ton of the lotion (which seems like a complete waste since these razors are REALLY pricey!) - Once the lotion part wears down about halfway (which is during the FIRST use for me! Again- these are far too expensive to have them only work for TWO shaves!), then the razor starts skipping. And the hard plastic part starts irritating your skin and hurting where it's rubbing, which feels like it's the sharp razor hitting you and like you're about to cut yourself (again)! - The holder is very cheap and rickety. It's hard to get the razor to sit right- same with the cover. - The plastic part under the lotion part is very wobbly and again, cheap feeling. - The lotion only lasts about 2 uses for me. Then I have to replace it because without the lotion it's really rough to use. Most razors can be used without shave gel no problem. After the lotion is gone, these can't.

I use Schick razors and I like them. I think the price is ok for them too!

LOVE this. It lasts quite a while too. No need to lather to shave, just wet the razor. its my favorite

First, this is an over-priced razor. I find that I have to go over the same area a few times to keep clean and hair free. My daughter just started shaving and she was very unhappy with the way it shaved her legs.

These razors are great! they leave my legs feeling very smooth.

i love this razor as much as i love the venus razors, they are awesome and leave u smooth

Personally, I think this is a miracle product! I freakin love it! I buy the razors in bulk now off of Amazon. I can't tell you the last time I thought about shaving cream. It's great for legs, armpits as well as bikini line. If they ever stop making this razor, I'll be one Hairy Carrie...and my name's not even Carrie

I would have to say this razor works fine until you get close to halfway and the added soap piece falls right off. It claims you can use it without shaving gel. Not for long. Plus very overpriced.