FURminator deShedding Tool

FURminator deShedding Tool

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This works perfect.

Our dog passed away so we don't use it anymore but I have to say that this product amazed me every time we used it to brush our dog. I was so impressed with the amount of fur that was removed and I loved the way my dogs hair looked after. Great product!

Love this! For the longest time i could never find a brush that actually brushed my dogs short hair. The bristles were never small enough. This works great and pulls out more hair than i thought it would. I brush both of my dogs once a week and it helps minimize the amounts of dog hair in my house.

This is a great invention. I love it for the dog and I really love it for the cats. It really gets that under coat and thins things out which helps with the shedding. All our animals love being combed with it. You will not believe how much fur you can get when you use it. I was amazed.

I have a basset/beagle mix that sheds like crazy and it works soo well! It always amazes me how much hair it gets off of her!

This is the best brush I have ever used. I have 2 Australian Shepherds with long hair. This works like a dream to de-shed them and my dogs don't mind being brushed with it. They look so shiny and fluffy after using it. Its amazing how much fur I can get out of them compared to a normal dog brush. This thing is worth every penny. I only wish it were larger so I could cover more area at one time.

Having an Alaskan Klee Kai(mini husky) this comb beats anything on the market!! He sheds his coat twice a year, we comb him outside. Helps keep the house clean of those pesky hairballs!!

I do not like these types of products, I feel like they are too rough on my pets coats.

this is a great grooming tool. i have two labs...one with thick fur...one with thin. it does and amazing job on both dogs. makes them softer and shed less. it is worth paying a little extra for the furminator!

The Furminator is awesome for any breed of dog. It worked well on my Siberian Husky and when I took a grooming class in college my professor swore by it (she's been grooming for over 20 years).

My cats love this! Well almost all of them, there are a couple of the bunch that prefer not to be groomed. I am able to remove enough loose fur and such from them to make what looks like a kitten! And these are short haired cats. I have used it on our golden retriever as well and he is so thankful afterwards that he does laps around the house or yard with a big smile on his face. Again, this removes a ton of fur that I didn't even know was lurking around. It does what it says and works very well

When used properly this removes the excess hair on any part of the dog/cats body. I use it on my dogs head, nose, body. legs, etc.

I agree that this product does do a great job, But.. I have a German Shepherd and at times she has a lot of under coat. It does do a wonderful job at getting that fuzzy hair off, in fact I've turned most of my yard white with her hair, but to comb her, all of her with this would take a long time, im talking hours. They need to make a larger one. all in all It does do a great job... I just wish it was a lot bigger

This has to be one of the best gifts I have ever received. My cousin owns a grooming shop for dogs and cats, she decided since my husband and I have 2 labs and 3 cats-1 of which is a persian, she would give us a FURminator. I LOVE IT!!! After I use it on each one of my furry family members, the hair loss is almost completely non existant. I can't imagine not having our FURminator!

This works fabulously on my cats both short and long hair!