Stouffer's Lean Cuisine

Stouffer's Lean Cuisine

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I love Lean Cuisine meals there are several i like my favorite is turkey and dressing with mashed sweet potatoes they taste so good it almost makes me think i cheating on my diet.

Lean Cuisine is the only brand of frozen "diet" food that I eat - and I eat them several times each week for lunch. I think they taste much better than the other brands like Weight Watchers and Healthy Choice. I also love their online rewards program.

These are quite tasty, and really help with portion control if you are trying to lose weight.

Generally the best of the diet frozen dinners; I buy them and stock up when they are on sale (usually 5 for 10) which is fairly frequently.

I love that there are so many options! Great taste, easy and quick to make, plus the obvious health benefits.

I feel like I really have to look long and hard to find one of these I love...there are a couple though.

Lean Cuisines can be hit or miss, it really depends on your motivation to stick with these products if you're looking for a quick healthy fix that limits your calories and portions, then I recommend it. However, it's not always the most satifsying, depending on the meal...I've enjoyed the cheese ravioli and the steamable pastas with mushrooms. Sometimes the sodium content can be off putting, but all in all, they are pretty good.

I am pretty picky with my frozen meals but Lean Cuisine definitely has a handful that I absolutely love...I also love that they are lean so I don't feel guilty eating them :)

I like some of these meals. I wish for the sodium content in some of these you can actually taste some salt! Some need to have more flavor for the high sodium. All in all not bad for the better ones!

Much prefer these over smart ones. Same points, better flavor. Love the cabonara.

I think these are the best as far as frozen dinners go. These meals are tasty, affordable, quick & there is a large variety available for any craving.

Good for dieting but find the portion is small. I would like to see them make it a bit larger in portion so I do not grab a roll with butter. Taste is good :)

I keep these in the freezer at work - so I can eat them anytime - they are good.

These are so yummy! I have them for lunch everyday. I do wish they had less sodium but they have definitely helped me lose weight and keep on track.

I like Lean Cuisine for frozen meals they offer several that are good. My favorite is the garlic spring rolls I buy them when they are onsale. I try no to eat them often because off the high sodium content but sometime they are good to have for a quick easy lunch.